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Let your intranet tell you how to improve it

Advanced Analytics gives you the overview you need to make sure people find and have access to the right information — without having to ask.

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Get a bird's eye view of your intranet analytics

Sometimes, taking a step back and looking at the big picture is helpful. In Happeo, you can access Analytics in one click and get an overview of the essential data points on your content over time. With clear visuals and filters to narrow down if needed.

  • See how many users are active
  • View how Channels & Pages are doing
  • Learn how much content people create
  • See how people engage
  • See how many are using the mobile app
  • Filter by organizations to add context
  • Filter by different audiences for more user insights
Happeo intranet Auto Provisioning
Happeo intranet Search

See exactly what people are searching for

Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall to understand what your teams need from your intranet? With Search Analytics you can. Learn what they look for, if they can find it, how long it takes them, and more. Everything in one clear dashboard.

  • See how many times people search
  • Learn how long it takes to find things
  • Understand how often searches fail
  • Get search trends over time
  • Learn what happens after a search
  • See all search terms used
  • Get the details on every single query
  • Break down the data by using audience filtering

Measure your internal communications

Getting hard data on how you’re communicating with and keeping your teams aligned and informed, can be hard. Happeo helps you back it all up with insights on how people use and contribute to your Channels.

  • See how many people use Channels
  • View how many Channels are live
  • Get the Desktop/Mobile comparison
  • Dig deeper into each Channel
  • And even deeper into each Post
  • Understand how people engage
  • Get clear visual and trend data
Happeo intranet Automated organization chart
Happeo intranet People cards

Provide better content with Page analytics

When you need to onboard new employees, you need clear and comprehensive content that users can navigate, without having to ask. With Page Analytics you can see what content is working well and what isn’t, and adjust as you go.

  • See how many people view your Pages
  • View how many Pages get created
  • Compare Desktop with Mobile usage
  • Dig deeper into each Page
  • Get clear visual and trend data

Spot influencers and see how they interact

Your intranet is only as effective and as helpful as the people who engage with it. Knowing who has the most influential impact on your platform can help you spread your message and share important information more efficiently. That’s where People Analytics come in.

  • See who the top influencers are
  • Learn what makes them so helpful
  • View Post and Comment data on each
  • Search by name, department, and more
  • Filter influencers by Channel
  • See who engages the most with content
  • Make sure nobody misses out
Happeo intranet People cards

Make your data work for you - and with other tools

Happeo intranet People Analytics

Export anything into a CSV

Need to do further analysis, present your data, or plug it into another platform? You can export every single Advanced Analytics report or dashboard into a spreadsheet. 

Happeo intranet People Analytics

Integrate with your Google Analytics

When you want to get even more granular on how people use and navigate your Happeo, just integrate it with your GA. See which URLs users visit and what actions they complete.

Help contributors reach more people and make an impact

Happeo intranet People cards

Easily understand if and how news land

There’s nothing worse than sending an important message and not knowing whether it’s landed or if it got lost in the void. With Post Insights anyone who contributes to a Channel can immediately see how many impressions, reactions and comments their Post received. And even see the percentage of the audience they reached so far.

Static content doesn’t have to be set in stone

Did you ever spend ages creating content for your team, only to realize you have no idea whether it’s helpful or not? With Page Insights, editors are just a click away from a clear view of how many views their Page got over the past 30 days. Graph representation included.

Happeo intranet People cards
Happeo G2 badges