Make Internal Comms measurable with Advanced Analytics

Take guesswork out of the equation. Dive deeper into Happeo activity than ever before and turn content creators into audience masters.

The Advanced
Analytics add-on

Bust the myth that Internal Comms has no ROI. Optimize your content, searches, and craft more engaging posts using Happeo's Advanced Analytics.

Post Analytics

If you make a post, you’ll get a digestible analytics report on how well it’s performing, right from the post. This means users can create their own best-practice for posts that perform well. The end result? Better content created.

Happeo Intranet Pages
Happeo Intranet Pages

Post Analytics can now be exported in a .CSV

Easily download a .CSV for more comprehensive reporting (e.g. making graphs and pie charts and all that good stuff). It will give you a more granular view of the best-performing posts.

Never guess which content your people really need with Search Analytics

How do we get information to our employees? We populate our social intranet with information. But is that information what people really want? Search Analytics takes that guesswork out of the equation and shows you exactly which keywords your people search for, and more.

Happeo Intranet Pages
Happeo Intranet Pages

Here's what you'll
be able to see

Search Analytics shows you:
  • Most-searched keywords
  • Total searches
  • Unique search users
  • Average time to find results
  • Average time on opened results
  • Success percentages
  • Failure percentages
  • A comprehensive .CSV report

All this data really helps

Measuring output makes it easier to show outcome. Happeo puts analytics at everyone’s fingertips to democratize the data-driven experience.

Showcase your platform’s engagement

Launched a new internal initiative? Have a lot of news to share? Then how do you know that people don't just understand it, they're actually engaging with it? The more conversation around the topics you introduce, the higher your impact is.

Make Internal Comms understandable

Proving that your employees know and understand what your company is all about can be tough. With Advanced Analytics, you can see exactly what employees want to talk about in Channels, which Pages matter the most and which posts get the most interaction.