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An innovative biotech company uses Happeo to engage employees through business hypergrowth

An innovative biotech company uses Happeo to engage employees through business hypergrowth

Owkin is a groundbreaking biotechnology company that integrates the best of human and artificial intelligence to deliver better drugs and diagnostics at scale. By understanding complex biology through AI, Owkin works to identify new treatments, de-risk and accelerate clinical trials, and build diagnostic tools to reduce time to impact for patients.

The Problem

As Owkin’s technological advancements took off, the company tripled in size within two years, leading to a pretty significant onboarding challenge. The volume of new hires and the continued scaling of the company’s size and objectives meant keeping teams informed and aligned became more difficult. It also called for a solution for onboarding employees effectively across the largely remote organization. 

In an industry that is advancing rapidly and continually changing and progressing, the need for a central source of information and a way to bring new employees together to maintain a positive culture was a core focus for the business. 

The Solution

Owkin partnered with Happeo to create their intranet, Knowkin. The objectives of Knowkin included driving employee engagement, creating a central source of truth for teams, onboarding new employees, and having a reliable space for internal news and announcements.

With Happeo powering its new digital home, Knowkin is able to:

  • Host a new joiners channel to empower a dynamic employee onboarding experience. It houses learning and training materials for new hires, as well as survival guides and resources for their internal Owkin Academy. The result is a more seamless onboarding experience for employees and a cleaner, more productive and efficient process for the Owkin People Team. This leads to reduced turnover and a better return on onboarding resources.
  • Increase employee engagement through the redirection of employees away from email and chat, where information gets lost, to a centralized source of information that is reliable and up-to-date. From day one, when employees begin their intranet journey during onboarding, they are more likely to adopt the platform as their trusted source of information.
  • Cultivate productivity through self-service use of Knowkin. It takes the proper platform and adoption tactics to get users and teams aligned and regularly using an intranet, but the value of empowering employees to search and discover information in a self-service fashion provides overall business value. It helps to shift away from an “ask culture”, in which users need to track down people or information for answers, to a “search culture”, leveraging Knowkin to easily discover answers using intelligent search across all data sources.
  • Distribute important news and documents using Happeo’s Pages and Channels features. Announcements from leadership, along with news, policies, and important documentation need a central place to live and be updated regularly. Attempting to manage this in a shared drive or through email creates a disjointed experience with users left wondering if the version of the document they have is the most recent or reliable. Having Knowkin has allowed Owkin to provide context and authority for their content.

The Results

Leveraging Happeo to create Knowkin has given Owkin a digital home to grow together over time, with usage consistently increasing and providing a central source of truth for every user, fueled by up-to-date, reliable information. As Knowkin has matured on its intranet journey, the organization is shifting from an ask culture to a search and discovery culture that empowers each user and becomes a part of their daily work routine. Finally, Knowkin has enabled the People team to create quarterly cadences of tracking usage, distributing information, and coordinating onboarding processes.

Why Happeo?

Beyond Happeo’s ability to support onboarding and provide a centralized content and sharing site, the customer support and service made Happeo the clear choice for Owkin as they began their intranet journey. Happeo delivers consistent guidance as their customers continue maturing their space and consistently works to roll out new features based on customer feedback and the progression of intranet technology capabilities, including AI-powered features. 


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