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How Happeo creates a competitive advantage for MINT Dentistry

How Happeo creates a competitive advantage for MINT Dentistry

“We have a singular and exciting brand. We have orthodontics, general dentistry, oral surgery. We also have our own dental assistant training school. We’re in growth mode and we're always looking for growth opportunities.

We have a really high-quality product. Our brand is all about the experience, because most people don’t particularly enjoy going to the dentist. But we’ve changed that by making it a comfortable experience. We have the friendliest staff, massage chairs, you can watch Netflix while getting treatments — it’s a place where you're not afraid to go."

MINT dentistry provides general and cosmetic dentistry services. They are located in the Dallas and Houston areas, with over 60 locations, and have just opened their first location in Atlanta, Georgia. 

- Wade Hanchar, MINT Dentistry’s CIO, took the time to tell us how they use Happeo 

Before Happeo

“Prior to Happeo, we were using a homegrown intranet platform. The communication was a bit choppy. In our industry, most of our employees are separated physically by substantial distances. With so many different locations, communications, collaboration, and keeping everybody on the same page was extremely difficult. It was challenging to engage our employees and keep everyone excited. In short, it was hard to involve our staff on a daily basis without making a huge deal and calling massive meetings that were very expensive.”

The requirements for finding a new intranet

“We set out to find an intranet that would solve those pain points. Our first requirement was an intranet that integrates with Google Workspace. I didn't want an old school intranet, or some bulky messaging software that wasn't helpful.”

Mint Dentistry

“And I needed something that wasn't going to be bothersome to add on, something that was quick and lightweight.I started and narrowed it down by platforms that would integrate with Google Workspace, which clearly Happeo does.
And number two, simple to use, lightweight communications platforms. We also wanted something that was more social, interactive and fun to appeal to our staff.”

“We especially wanted to find a platform that people would actually use. If nobody wants to use it, then it's worthless.”

Happeo drives engagement across over 60 locations

“The biggest change we’ve seen is a big increase in engagement within teams and cross-teams. We’re seeing people interacting and working together.

We love to see different departments posting about how they appreciate another department because historically, everybody felt like they were on a little island and it was really hard to know what everybody else was doing. It’s been a big change from sending out emails, which are not very personal and just not a lot of fun. 

I immediately set Happeo as a homepage for every computer in the company. And so when we rolled it out, everyone adopted it very quickly. People were posting videos, pictures, commenting back and forth, right from the start. Happeo instantly increased collaboration and engagement, and that's exactly what we wanted to do.”


The intranet features MINT Dentistry love

  • The Organizational Chart

    “Creating an org chart is something that every organization just hates to do because somebody has to sit there and spend a ton of time working on constructing the chart.

    Happeo’s chart is a really valuable feature to have. As long as you have everybody's manager set correctly within Google Workspace, it just automatically creates that org chart.”

  • Social features

    “The social elements, such as commenting and reacting to posts have been very popular. Our staff really loves that because it’s just like the social media platforms they already use and are familiar with.”

  • Single Sign-On

    “The ability to Single Sign-On, for me as a technology leader, is one of the biggest benefits. We wanted our intranet to integrate with Single Sign-On with Google because that's what we leveraged as a company. I didn't want to hand out more passwords, more logins. And I really wanted something that would leverage Google as a platform underneath.”

  • A mobile app for doctors

    “We have over a hundred doctors, including oral surgeons and dentists. And typically, doctors don't want to sit in front of a computer all day. But they do have their phones in their pocket. So the ability for push notifications to go out is huge for us. If we want to make an announcement, we know our clinical staff will be kept in the loop with mobile notifications.”

A competitive advantage in the healthcare industry

“Engaging our own staff, having everybody on the same page, getting everybody excited about a singular mission is critical to any company, especially a company that's growing and Happeo allows us to do just that. It’s a huge advantage to be able to engage our staff rapidly, quickly and effectively, and that’s hard to do in the healthcare industry.”

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