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How EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc. Connects Their Employees Across Canada, with Happeo

How EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc. Connects Their Employees Across Canada, with Happeo

EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc. (EDI) is a Canadian environmental consulting firm that prioritizes practical solutions for living things and where they live. Their growing team of over 150 biologists, scientists, and planners work across six locations, with a diverse range of services catering to move Canadian industries. 

However, EDI's dedication to on-the-ground environmental solutions have meant challenges in the digital realm. Their previous intranet solution, cobbled together with Google Sites and Google Currents, created silos and limited accessibility for their geographically dispersed workforce. And as their company doubled in size over a few years, they recognized the express need for an intranet to form a unified culture and identity. 

The Problem

As EDI flourished, their collaboration and communication tools needed to level up. Google Sites proved clunky for administrators, hindering information flow. Disparate offices and a growing seasonal workforce fostered "culture silos," diminishing the sense of a unified team.

Following a period of rapid expansion, EDI also needed a centralized hub and a way to onboard new employees efficiently. They sought an engaging, on-brand intranet that could bridge these communication gaps and cultivate a collaborative company culture.

Happeo: A Solution to Grow with EDI

Happeo provided the fertile ground EDI needed to cultivate a thriving digital environment.  Here's how EDI utilizes Happeo:

  • Structured Communication: EDI uses Happeo to streamline top-down news, meeting minutes, and corporate communications, ensuring everyone has access to the latest information.
  • Employee Engagement: A dedicated open communication channel fosters informal connections and a positive company culture.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Team Pages and Channels facilitate cross-functional collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • New Hire Integration: Streamlined HR onboarding processes and employee profiles ensure a smooth introduction for new team members.
  • Remote Access: EDI uses the Happeo mobile app to empower remote and field workers to stay informed and connected.
  • Content Cadence: Scheduled posts maintain a consistent flow of valuable information.

Metrics of Success: A Flourishing Digital Ecosystem

Since embracing Happeo, EDI has seen significant results that they are committed to continuing to evolve. EDI has a 90% Monthly Active User rate, with 90% of employees actively engaged with the platform on at least a monthly basis. Beyond general engagement, Happeo Channels are used to support knowledge sharing across teams and segments, and each of those see 40-60% engagement, depending on the Channel. 

Possibly the best part of the solution, EDI’s success with Happeo has just begun. The company sees their intranet as a journey that continually develops. They view Happeo as a strategic investment rather than a single technological transaction, and are committed to the platform through goal setting and special incentive programs. 

Why Happeo? The Perfect Fit

Several factors cemented Happeo as the ideal solution for EDI:

  • Seamless Google Integration: Deep integration with Google Workspace ensures a familiar user experience and centralized information management.
  • Empowering Admins: Happeo's user-friendly interface empowers non-IT staff to manage the platform, minimizing reliance on IT support.
  • Streamlined User Experience: Happeo reduces clicks and barriers to information, promoting user adoption.
  • On-Brand Experience: Happeo's branding flexibility allows EDI to curate a digital home for employees that reflects their company culture.

A Sustainable Future, Powered by Communication

EDI's success story exemplifies the power of effective communication in fostering a thriving organizational culture. Happeo provided technology for EDI to cultivate a collaborative and connected work environment, ensuring all employees – from seasoned biologists to new hires – can access the information and connections they need to make a positive impact on the environment.