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Dirox Creates Waves of Intranet Innovation with Happeo to Connect Teams and Share Knowledge

Dirox Creates Waves of Intranet Innovation with Happeo to Connect Teams and Share Knowledge


Dirox is a Vietnam-based digital solutions company that provides dynamic digital solutions for customers across the globe. Dirox offers the end-to-end expertise and solutions businesses need to move forward. From developing applications, providing consultative and cyber security services, working with leading edge technology such as blockchain and IoT, and even helping to source talent, Dirox is a leading digital partner for innovation.


As Dirox grew as an organization, they needed a digital solution to keep their employees connected to information and each other. 

There were a number of drivers that contributed to their journey in finding one intranet to meet their variety of needs. They were experiencing gaps in a number of core areas across the business including challenges around information access and silos, providing an effective remote onboarding experience, providing a knowledge management hub for training, and bringing geographically dispersed teams together for one purpose. Serving all those needs in one intranet platform that is Google-integrated and doesn’t require months of development time or a heavy reliance on IT felt like a tall order.

With a breadth of needs and aggressive engagement goals, Dirox needed a solution to match their own commitment to innovation, growth, and internal cultural development. They needed more than an intranet; they were on a journey toward their own digital home. 


Dirox was looking for innovation in an intranet that could grow and scale with them and provide value across the business, and Happeo was able to meet and exceed those requirements. Happeo provided Dirox with:

Internal information access & targeted communications

Facing pandemic-magnitude distances between employees, teams, and customers, Dirox needed a digital space to act as a single source of truth, where employees could come together to easily share knowledge and find reliable information that they need every day.

Happeo’s pages and channels provide the space for each service line to share knowledge and keep all employed informed, regardless of location. Happeo also provided a better, more seamless infrastructure for Google files, calendars, plus an organizational chart, tutorials, and policies/documentation, with powerful search layered over top.

Further, Happeo provided the platform for targeted internal communications. The Dirox Times is the company’s ongoing news stream, focusing on posts for main company news. 

Happeo also has the ability to have a customized view at the user level so every individual can see what’s important to them and cut through the noise of what may be less relevant to their role.



Employee onboarding & training

Dirox also needed a way to create a smooth and effective onboarding process for remote employees that was engaging and offered ongoing training and support throughout their time as a Dirox employee.

Happeo has become their dynamic platform for knowledge management and employee development. Not only do new employees have a smooth transition to the team with welcome messages and tailored onboarding modules, but current employees can access training recaps, along with language courses, upskilling opportunities, and personal and career development programs. 

Having these materials in the same space as all other intranet functions provides a single pane of glass for employees to look toward as their source of reliable information and opportunities.



Employee well-being & engagement

Dirox sought a way to bring employees together as human beings, keep them aligned as an organization, and stay productive and happy. Their intranet solution needed to add value to culture and morale. With Happeo, Dirox is able to provide a home base for employees to find ways to connect with colleagues on a personal level and find information about upcoming events, wellbeing programs, and advocacy programs. It’s a place for people to share parts of their lives outside of Dirox, celebrate one another’s accomplishments and grow stronger as one team.

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Technology fit

As a Google-run organization, Dirox needed to find an intranet that had the deepest possible integration with Google in order to optimize use of the platform and rely on Google’s security features to protect employees and intellectual property. It was also important to the organization that they be able to rollout their intranet solution more quickly and realize value, especially since one of the drivers of this initiative was to bring Covid-displaced teams together. 

Happeo checked off all of Dirox’s tech requirements. With pre-built templates, Happeo comes in with the fastest rollout of any Google-focused intranet, with the deepest integrations, customized layout options, and a beautifully branded space–all without deep IT support and a low-maintenance setup for easy ongoing administration. 


Combining Happeo’s capabilities with the Dirox’s vision, the teams partnered to create Wave, Dirox’s new intranet space. It’s every Dirox employee’s go-to hub to learn, connect, and grow. Dirox is seeing average monthly engagement of 94% of its employees and as time continues, Wave is quickly becoming a staple part of every Dirox employee’s day. 

Dirox has taken the Happeo, the intranet “house” and turned it into their home, unique to them, with rich visuals and even music embedded into the site for an engaging experience. Dirox is in the running for a Top Places to Work award, with Wave at the core of its submission. 

Across teams, geographies, and individual backgrounds, Happeo has been the source for Dirox employees to come together, align as one organization, and grow together.