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EPT uses Happeo to connect frontline physicians with their back office

EPT uses Happeo to connect frontline physicians with their back office

“We were looking for a platform that would be easy to use for people who aren't tech-savvy or who may not have any tech knowledge. We're an independent emergency medicine group – not a corporation. So we wanted to keep that independent feeling and have everyone engaged”

- Dr. Heidi Best, President of EPT


Supporting hospitals in times of emergency

Emergency Physicians of Tidewater (EPT) is an independent group of emergency medicine physicians and advanced practice providers. EPT supports the providers for the seven Sentara Healthcare owned hospitals.

Tina Jacobs, EPT’s IT Manager, as well as Dr. Heidi Best and Dr. Jamie Thompson, took the time to tell us how they use Happeo.

Streamlining communications for busy physicians

“When I started working at EPT, the biggest pain point was a lack of a real central source of internal communication. They had an intranet in place, but it wasn't ever used. It was old school, you couldn't find anything.

Happeo came to the forefront really quickly, because I saw it as a tools that could tie the whole group very easily. And that's what we needed: efficiency, because our physicians are very busy."

EPT logo

“With Happeo, my team sees a platform where things are so much easier and where you’re able to accomplish the same goal, but in a beautiful graphic sense. Happeo is eye candy.”

Tina Jacobs
EPT's IT Manager

A beautiful way to share information – quick and secure

EPT set out to find an intranet suitable to their needs and aligned with their culture. To do so, they set out four requirements for the perfect solution:

A centralized and multi-purpose platform

“I watch the analytics and every month our numbers go up in usage. It's the number one place you go to everyday. It's where you go for your news, where you go for your information, where you go for updates. The integration with Google Workspace and the ability to access documents quickly has been extremely helpful. The channels are perfect to keep everything organized and to strengthen our culture. And the ability to socialize, in addition to getting out information — that's important.”

- Tina Jacobs, EPT's IT Manager

Top-notch security

“It’s a big part of my job to keep the systems very secure and locked up. We have an extra layer of protection using Google Workspace with Google Sign-in for our privacy within Happeo. We named our Google drives to match our Happeo Channels so that when you click on the drive for that channel, you have direct access to that Drive. We did a lot of restructuring to make everything aligned and more uniformed. The best thing that's come out of this is being able to clean up our groups in Google, and to decide who has rights to what.”

- Tina Jacobs, EPT's IT Manager

Mobile app for physicians and other non-desk employees

“I really like that the front end on the mobile app looks like social media, that's something everybody's familiar with. The Happeo app has been really helpful to get out information that we all need to know so that we can take care of patients better and quickly. And you can navigate through it easily, it’s a good representation of the desktop and it's got a lot of distinct features.”

- Dr. Jamie Thompson, Physician Assistant

The features that changed the game for EPT:

  • Google Calendar integration to directly manage calendars
    and join meetings via Happeo

  • Channels to securely target, distribute and segregate information

  • A concise people directory to bridge the gap between teams and employees 

“Being able to target a specific group of users and to communicate with that group instantly – that to me is such great technology. It's so great compared to what we had before. Because it's exciting. You want technology to be easy. They want it to be exciting and not boring. Everything you're talking about, you can do it with Happeo. And I knew that was the answer I wanted to hear because it's the platform that I really wanted.”

- Tina Jacobs, EPT's IT Manager

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