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Get even more done without leaving Happeo

Make your intranet even more powerful and personalized with Happeo’s REST API and SDK.

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A dream come true for every engineer, and their teams

Connect your intranet with even more sources of information

Create new widgets you can embed into your Pages or Channel Posts. Or even completely custom apps that can extend your search functionality to any other third party tools you use. All through a REST API, with the documentation and support you need.

Happeo intranet Auto Provisioning
Happeo intranet Search

All the guidance you need to bring your ideas to life in Happeo

As a developer, it’s hard when you’re tasked with building something third party, but have no clue where to start. That’s why we’ve built the Happeo Developer Hub. Where you can find comprehensive step-by-step documentation to turn your idea into reality. Get access to the API reference guide and learn everything about Custom Apps, Widgets, App Marketplace, and more.

Let anyone benefit from your ideas

Give your teams and other Happeo’s customers an even better glimpse into the information normally siloed in other tools. The Widget SDK allows you to tap directly into Happeo’s API and content, so anyone can create their own fully custom widgets. Share yours on Happeo’s App Marketplace for everyone to benefit from.

Happeo intranet Automated organization chart
Happeo intranet Automated organization chart

Endless ways to turn your intranet into the only platform you’ll log into

Your developers’ imagination is the only limit here. Back up Channel Posts and save them in Google Drive, collect data from your CRM or support tool and publish it as a Post, compile articles you shared in Channels into a newsletter, take search into any other platform you use, and much more. All automatically done through the API.

Get started fast

Easy access to API key

When you’re a Happeo customer or partner, just sign in with your Google Account to get your API key. The Happeo API works on top of HTTP with JSON-encoded data.

Easy authentication

With your system account and API key in hand, simply give that account the correct user rights to access licenses or create content in Happeo, just like if it was a real user. 

Unlimited options

Finally, call the API with the key you passed. You’ll be able to retrieve and create any sort of data in your Channels, Pages and Posts.

Some of our customers’ favorite apps

Zendesk (Guide)

Page Widget

Zendesk (Tickets)

Page Widget


Page Widget


Channel/ Post Widget


Search Connector


Search Connector