API - Connect everything to your Happeo platform

Bridge the gaps in your digital toolset - create a real digital workplace.

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Customize your Happeo experience

Bring external tools into the place where communication and collaboration happens.

A digital bridge

Happeo's API allows you to easily connect the tools you love to the Channels your people love or the other way around.

Need an archive for audits?

Collect all posts from a Happeo Channel and have them automatically backed up in a Google Document in Drive.

Translate data into posts

Sales just signed a new deal? Collect data from your CRM and have it automatically publish a post into the relevant channel in Happeo.

Create your own newsletter

Compile the most exciting articles posted in Channels and send those as a newsletter to your entire organization.

From IT Tickets to posts

Collect data from your support tool and set up the API to automatically combine and enter that information as a post into a Happeo Channel.

And much, much more

The (digital) world is your playground. Happeo's API allows you to bridge Happeo to a toolset unique to your organization.

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Turn communication into collaboration

Bring updates from all your tools to the platform your employees love to use.

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Endless possibilities

Happeo's API connects external tools to Channels, translating information from different databases into a post. Import the most practical information into Happeo, and only deep-dive into the data from the tool when you need to.

An even deeper search

You already know that information from posts is easy to find through Happeo's powerful search. Now imagine what happens when data from your external tools has that same visibility! Say goodbye to information silos.