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Trimble Solutions is a software division of Trimble Inc, whose roots began in 1978 with a focus on navigation products. Since then, they have come a long way to providing a portfolio of solutions to enhance productivity. To make sure Trimble Solutions can continue to serve their customers with the high caliber they’re known for, they also work hard to enhance productivity internally.

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The Challenge

Simplifying the digital toolbox
Trimble Solutions employees weren’t happy with how complex the existing tools were to use. Coming from a Microsoft ecosystem, they decided to make the change to Google Suite which was much more simple and streamlined for their employees. At the same time, the internal communications team wanted to reinvent their outdated SharePoint intranet.

“We were very much in the Microsoft world before and people were complaining that the tool was too complicated and contained a lot of old, outdated information on that intranet platform.”

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“Since Happeo is an easy tool to learn and use, it has made updating content a lot easier and faster - and that is of course very important when we all struggle with the different tasks we have at our hands.”
Taina Saarikoski
Internal Communications Manager



Reap the benefits of remote-ready
One of the reasons that Trimble Solutions were so excited about switching their intranet platform was to make true mobile work possible. The team sees a huge advantage in being able to access company news via tablet or mobile, especially when so many people are traveling or working remotely.

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Saving time, saving productivity

Now the entire workforce has got more time to focus on what’s important while having to spend less time worrying about how to communicate.

What has Trimble Solutions achieved by using Happeo?

• Happeo is easy to update, which saves time for everyone.
• ‘Coffee machine’ conversations are now visible to all.
• Two-way communication in Channels is reducing emails.
• Mobile usage empowers remote working and flexibility.
• Channels are similar to social media platforms, making adoption simple.

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