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Unily alternative:
Comparing Unily with Happeo


Unily is rated 4.1 out of 5 stars on G2, while Happeo scores 4.5.

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Unily is an employee experience platform created to connect and engage frontline and desk employees by enabling them to share insights. The platform is multilingual and makes both static and dynamic communication available on different devices to keep on-the-move employees in the loop. 

Happeo Comparison
Happeo Comparison

Unily’s integrations with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Slack, and more allow users to collaborate easily, while their search functionality delivers the information they’re searching for. We gathered the main points of comparison between Unily and Happeo to help you find the intranet solution that best suits the needs of your organization – scroll down to learn more.  Want to see and compare other Unily alternatives? Visit our intranet platforms comparison.

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Happeo vs Jostle

Jostle is a Canadian company that provides an intranet solution to companies that need software to align their internal communications.

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Happeo vs Jive

Jive is a software company that provides solutions for internal communications in businesses. Jive is one of the old-school leaders in the industry.

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Happeo vs Simplrr

Simpplr is a US-based software company founded in 2014. Simplrr helps with connecting and engaging employees accross departments.

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Unily could use a functionality improvement

Unily’s customers have reported that they often face technical interruptions and glitches. The alternative: Happeo. Its fast loading speed will ensure your employees’ undisrupted intranet experience on both the desktop and the mobile app.

Unily's customer service can be enhanced

Users have reported that Unily can be too slow to respond to complaints. Happeo's own in-house Customer Success and Support departments won’t ever leave you hanging. We constantly exceed our Service Level Agreement response time by 20 hours, and our Customer Satisfaction score is 6.26 out of 7. In other words: you’re in good hands with Happeo.