10 ways intranets can increase productivity at work

Thu, May 6, '21 •

10 ways intranets can increase productivity at work

Let’s be honest: In times of intense working from home, new work structures and an ever-increasing speed within our daily life, we all lack work productivity from time to time. How often have you found yourself browsing through your Instagram feed instead of finishing the email you started typing ten minutes ago? How often have you done the washing, the beds, the cleaning – instead of finally putting together the missing steps of your final project plan? Don’t worry, we’re in this together.



Want to improve productivity at work?



What is employee productivity?

When we talk about employee productivity, we mean the number of tasks that are done within a period of time. Companies often structure their goals by using KPIs (key performance indicators). They are a great way of checking whether certain goals have been reached and tasks are done. The scope of tasks highly depends on the profile of the company you are working for. Productivity at work is not only something that needs to be accomplished to perform well for your employer, but is also vital for your  own well-being and mindset.


How to increase productivity?

Productivity comes and goes – but how to increase productivity? The best way to increase your productivity at work is by having a clear structure. In times of working from home, distractions are high and motivation is low. Create a list of tasks that you would like to finish by the end of the week and put in some time for tasks that could distract you. Productivity is all about structure – in form of old-school written lists, virtual programs or company intranets with tools that increase your productivity automatically.


Happeo – the best intranet to boost your productivity

At Happeo, we know that the lack of productivity does not only come from every single team member personally, but rather from the surroundings that you find within the company you are working for. We all need better structures – starting within our very own and personal life and leading to work structures within the company. And this is why we started developing a clever intranet software that boosts your productivity automatically.

In this article, we’ll show you how an intranet can actually help you to increase your productivity at work and assist your entire team in improving not only internal communication channels but also large and time-consuming projects, HR processes, IT barriers and the general lunch conversation that you're missing while working from home.



increase productivity with an intranet



10 tips on how intranets can increase productivity at work


  1. They give you a mothership you can hang on to

In times when everyone in a company is working from a different place, country and maybe even within a different time zone, one thing becomes more and more inevitable: having one central place of communication, file storage, planning, monitoring and tracking is needed. In other words: one source of knowledge and a place where everyone in your company meets, interacts and, above all, collaborates. We call it the mothership. Others call it intranet. Check out our intranet for remote work.


  1. They keep the communication simple and reachable

How often have you asked yourself who to contact for when you need a quick translation, feedback from a marketing expert or maybe just another opinion? The lack of communication is often viewed as one of the major barriers in personal and professional productivity at work.

Imagine that: The Washington Post has revealed that in 2020 employees spent an average of 4.1 hours per day checking the inbox of their emails. Crazy, right? All of us simply spend too much time on inefficient communication tools, while what we need is a simple tool that makes it easy for all of us to quickly communicate within the company – no matter with whom, where and when.



how to increase productivity of employees - time spend on emails



  1. They help you store your files in a clever way

Have you ever found yourself lost in Google Docs? Whereas the digitized way of working brings many advantages, it can also lead to pure chaos and to a point where you spend most of your working day clicking through endless folders of documents in virtual clouds, on your very own desktop, on old external hard-drives or any other sort of storage. Let' stop that because it is hindering you massively from leading a productive day at work. In order to work in a structured way, you need to get your file storage in place and this is where an intranet is only one of the many ideas to improve office productivity – without doubt. Read more about Intranet CMS.


  1. They manage your knowledge

No matter whether your company has two, five or 500 employees – it is a hub of knowledge. However, it only works as such once you have a structured way of accessing this knowledge. How? Well, through clever file storage with handy documentation and guides from various departments in your company, but also through a nice and well-organized employee directory in which the expertise and knowledge of each and every member of your company can be accessed through simple search bars. Trust us, you don't even need an encyclopedia to learn new things, the knowledge is around you, you just need to see it.


Discover all the features of an intranet software


  1. They keep the search time as low as possible

"Let me quickly search for the photo from our last team event." How often did you say that already? And how often did 'quickly' change into three hours of your precious working time? Well, you're not alone. We're all in this together, but there's also a nice way out of this never-ending search struggle: an intranet. A well-structured intranet will give you the opportunity to quickly search and find documents, people, channels, photos and many more things that you can imagine.

And, yes, in this case quickly really means quickly as an intranet works through clever search bars that, in terms of Happeo's Universal Search, even work with auto-suggest-functions, keyword search and automated search. Searching for things has never been easier! 



  1. They overcome barriers

What do we mean by barriers? Well. Imagine this: You shifted your remote office to Bali, but your laptop cannot handle the nice temperatures of 35 °C. Well, in that case you need a tool to quickly get in touch with the right people at your work, to access important files that you need to meet your deadline and the overview of the remaining steps you were about to finish of this one, huge project. In that case the entire company needs to be reachable – through mobile intranet apps. 2021 is not a year for creating barriers, but for creating ways of working flexibly from anywhere in the world.



  1. They connect people

One of the major pitfalls of working remotely from anywhere in the world is that at some point you might reach the point where you feel lonely or isolated. Day in, day out you're sitting at your desk at home – all alone, working your way through tasks that seem to be the same from month to month. Loneliness can quickly lead to boredom and, well, boredom leads to a huge lack of productivity in the workplace which we'll have to fight.

A clever way to prevent boredom from anyone in your company is by connecting people. You can do so through collaborative Channels that can easily be implemented in an intranet. Channels don't always have to be work-related, but can (and should!) boost fun – especially in times when people struggle with new challenges. Give your team members the chance to interact within informal channels, to set up virtual lunch-breaks, coffee meetings and many more fun things that help them to feel integrated, motivated and, above all, productive.



  1. They help you know your people

We told you before that sometimes you don't need to use Google Search to actually learn about something new, because there is so much knowledge around you, that you may miss. An intranet with a people directory can help you know your colleagues and their expertise.

Within Happeo's employee directory, for example, all employees have their very own virtual card with their personal information, expertise, department and manager. Thus, once you are in need of the next-level HR champion, you can simply use the search bar within the employee directory and find the perfect match within seconds. Sounds good? Well, definitely. Times are over in which we spend hours and hours browsing through expert articles – let's just exchange with our colleagues as they are far more the better (and more talkative) experts in various fields.



  1. They keep all departments happy

An intranet can actually boost productivity of entire teams. Let's have a look at the IT department. Mostly, they are the ones who are overwhelmed by all those individual tickets that are being created. Most of them are also usually of the same sort and deal with the same problems. No wonder, that especially the IT department often seems to be unhappy and simply fed up with all those repetitive tasks. Within an intranet the IT department could, for example, create guides for their co-workers in which they explain how to best tackle common problems. Doing so, they do not only reduce their own task overflow, but also establish a little IT knowledge center for everyone else – and we all know how motivating it is to learn something new, right?

The same actually goes for marketing teams, HR teams and even sales teams. Intranets are a great way of connecting people, creating knowledge hubs and fostering collaboration from all over the world.



  1. They are your very own virtual assistant – in any way

How many lists with tasks have you written today already? Let's stop that. Intranets are working as your 24/7 virtual assistant. They help you keep track of your deadlines through neatly organized task management tools, they remind you of upcoming deadlines through calendar entries, they connect you to the right people, they foster the exchange with colleagues and they help you to feel integrated – no matter where you are.

And the next time that you are strolling through your Instagram feed during your working time, why not contact a colleague and go for a quick and virtual coffee break? A quick talk can definitely help you bring back your focus while boosting your productivity in the workplace, automatically.


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How do you implement this in your business?

Is it always easier in theory? Well, we don’t think so. When thinking about how to increase the productivity of your employees in the workplace, the options are endless. Especially in times when remote work is increasing, most of your team-members are probably working from home, you need to think about digital innovations that boost everyone's productivity.

A modern intranet software is the perfect base for implementing a structured way of working, which can then improve the productivity of your team. A company intranet, such as Happeo, offers you a vast array of tools, integrations and extensions – all of them individually adapted to what your company needs to best perform and all of it in one tool. Doesn’t sound too complicated, right?

Would you like to learn more about intranet software? Watch a video about intranets or schedule a call with one of our intranet experts.


Elena Nikolova


Thu, May 6, '21

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