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Every HR department knows what it’s like juggling multiple tasks and hurdles. Between onboarding, training, headhunting, dealing with internal disputes, or company politics, it can be demanding. It can also be an incredibly rewarding experience. You can build a strong culture, reduce employee retention, and make work a happier place. Happeo is an HR intranet that helps you accomplish this. 

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What is Happeo?

Happeo is an intranet, enterprise social network and collaboration platform that makes work a happier place for all. The best HR employee intranet is a space for announcements, reminders, interaction and document sharing with customization options to build your brand. A tool to help you with remote onboarding  (or in-person onboarding) and a platform to share learning materials.

The main benefits of using Happeo for HR departments

If you work in HR, then you know. You know the stress and pressure of building a strong team representative of your company’s culture. Finding the perfect candidate, which can feel like an ever-lasting process.

Intranet for HR: How Happeo helps HR departments
It’s not just an intranet, it’s a social network and the go-to place for employees to find the information they need when they need it.

Building company culture
Maintaining a culture across various departments, and sometimes across different countries, can be done with an accessible and easy to use platform. All employees, no matter where they are, will have access to the same information and resources. 

Efficient onboarding
With Happeo’s HR intranet, you can upload all your onboarding material in one convenient place. Newbies can also easily gain company insight by viewing an organization chart, personal profiles, pages, channels, and their own personalized news feed. 

Employee retention
Lack of career growth is one of the main reasons people leave their job. You already spend a lot of time onboarding and training new hires, so why stop there? With Happeo you offer the possibility for employees to grow by making their work visible and by providing them with the proper training to grow.

Google Cloud Security apps
Google Cloud Security apps

Training and coaching
With an HR intranet for businesses like Happeo, you can have all your training materials in one handy place. In addition to remote onboarding, you can share your company policies, how-to videos, online learning courses, everything HR has to offer.

Secure data management
An intranet such as Happeo is the perfect secure place for storing all your HR materials ranging from health insurance information, training manuals, personal contact details, etc.

Engaging the workforce 
Employee engagement in HR ideally means employees who voluntarily and enthusiastically engage with each other and the company. Happeo offers many social features such as emoji reactions to posts, receiving notifications, and the ability to comment. 

Building diversity
The importance and benefits of diversity are undeniable, but finding diverse talent is easier said than done. Happeo's HR employee intranet is accessible everywhere and allows you to build a digital culture that knows no boundries.

Happeo's top 6 features that benefit HR  

Happeo offers many intranet features that benefit the Human Resources department. These features were made with love to genuinely make work a happier place. 

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  • Pages to showcase your company

    Bring your HR intranet to life with easy to create pages. Create pages specifically for Human Resources, to have all relevant information in one place. 

  • Searchable (and findable!) profiles

    Happeo automatically creates an organizational chart using the data from your Google directory. Everybody in your organization has their own profile with their contact data, skills and their bio. And the best yet? Fully searchable profiles. Need someone in HR that speaks French? Just search. Never again waste time looking for the right person.

  • Mobile intranet app 

    Your workforce isn’t always in front of their computer. Your people could be anywhere: Helsinki, Chicago, Madrid… Happeo’s mobile intranet app offers unparalleled company engagement at any time, wherever your employees are. With HR employee intranet your employees feel connected and supported by HR at all times.

  • Time saving integrations

    Work with the existing tools you know and love. Happeo integrates with what you already have. Sync Happeo with tools such as Google Workspace (formerly G suite) and Slack to save HR all the manual work.

  • A search function for your HR database

    The universal smart search for smart teams. The key to a good search is being able to actually find what you want, and quick. Happeo’s search function allows users to find all HR resources, from PDPs, to health care information, to your organization chart.

  • Advanced intranet analytics

    Happeo's analytics. HR has evolved with the times and technology has caused a growth spurt. People Analytics are more important than ever, and that means engagement analytics are unmissable. Find out who your company’s internal influencers are, which content people care about most and what your people search for within the blink of an eye. Or a click of the mouse. 

See an intranet in action
Internal Communications Report

“Happeo is extremely user-friendly and provides an easy way for international companies to connect their employees both to each other and to information."


Chloe Aftab

Internal Communications Report

“Through Happeo, we envision a virtual community that leans into our organization's core values and enhances our ability to achieve our mission.”


Jonathan Swengler

Internal Communications Report

“We are creating pages and leveraging Happeo’s iFrame capabilities to host all project management in the platform, including Trello boards.”


Karla Rejas