Intranet that truly integrates
with Google Workspace

Happeo combines intranet software, Google Workspace collaboration tools, and social networking in an all-in-one digital workplace platform. Find files, search for colleagues, manage documents, communicate, socialize, or even schedule meetings and video calls - all within a single platform.

Google Workspace intranet
Happeo Google productivity apps

Turn communication into collaboration with Happeo

By bringing together intranet features and Google’s productivity apps, Happeo turns communication into collaboration and inefficiency into productivity. Open your intranet in the morning and stay there until you finish work. You can access all your business apps from within. Experience an easy integration set-up, intuitive interface and highest intranet security standards. Happeo is build to make work a better place and increase employee satisfaction.

Rich integration with your existing
Google productivity apps

Native integration with Google’s popular apps including Gmail, Drive, Docs, Meet, Chat, Search, Groups and Calendar.

Google Meet

Native Integration

Google Calendar

Native Integration

Google Groups

Native Integration

Google Gmail

Native Integration

Google Drive

Native Integration

Google Docs

Native Integration

Google Chat

Native Integration

Happeo features

Keep your people connected, automatically

Manage access with Google Groups
Access to Happeo Channels and Pages can conveniently be managed via Google Groups. No need to individually add and remove people from within Happeo.

Automatically sync users via your Google Directory
Have one central and secure place to manage your Happeo users and control access via Organizational Units and secure Google SSO.

Automatically create employee directory and org chart
Happeo creates a fully-searchable employee directory and beautiful org chart automatically based on your Google Workspace user data.

Organized files you can actually keep track of

View and edit Google Files directly from within Happeo
Browse through and even edit your Google Docs, Slides and Sheets directly from within Happeo, no need to switch between applications.

Centralized Enterprise search
One search for all. Happeo’s smart enterprise search is finding content across every user’s Google Drive and Shared Drives, Gmail, Channels, Pages, Files. Access rights proof.

Embed Google Files into Happeo Pages
No duplication and just one place to update your content. Embed Google Slide decks, Docs, Forms, Calendar and Google Drive Files directly into your Intranet pages, and they will never be outdated anymore.

Secure Google Drive File storage
No more uploading, downloading and file duplication, all your files are securely stored in Google Drive and Shared Drive folders.

Happeo channels
Happeo collaboration features

All in one collaboration to make your life easier

Google Chat and Meet integration
Connect Happeo to your Google Chat and receive real-time updates on new posts. Start a conversation or Google Meet call with your colleagues right from within Happeo.

Collaborate with project teams
Sync your calendars, attach project files to Happeo Channels and turn your Google Workspace into a unified hub for project-related teamwork.

Centralized Enterprise search
One search for all. Happeo’s smart enterprise search is finding content across every user’s Google Drive and Shared Drives, Gmail, Channels, Pages, Files. Access rights proof.

Google Workspace Integration, native at core

  • Boost Google Workspace adoption by at least 13%

    Happeo keeps all your team's communications, meetings, files and apps together in one place and serves as a hub for teamwork in Google Workspace. 6 months after using Happeo the average Google Workspace adoption increases by at least 13%.

  • Improve employee experience and productivity

    Happeo creates one single point of access to all corporate resources and assets with personal dashboards, perfectly integrated with all your daily Google Workspace tools.

  • Decrease IT’s workload while increasing security

    Centralized user and access management via Google Identity, SSO, OUs and Google-Id in combination with ISO 2700 guarantees security and minimum time investment from IT

  • Increase Intranet adoption by at least 43%

    Happeo is not just another intranet tool… by combining your communication tools with your core Google collaboration tools, your Happeo is right at the place where work happens, resulting in above average intranet adoption rates.

Recommended by Google

Happeo enables customers to have a social intranet and it's exactly the value proposition that you built for Google Cloud Technology Partner Lead at Google, Dick Dijkstra speaks on Integration and Collaboration at the Happeo Summit.

Happeo tools

Streamline your
employee experience

Organizations find it difficult to connect all the tools they already use and make them easily accessible for employees. Happeo brings all digital tools together into one place for a more streamlined and employee-friendly experience. Transform the way your organization works for better collaboration, increased efficiency, and employee satisfaction.

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Read our customer success stories to find out which companies use our social intranet and how we've helped them to drive employee engagement, boost productivity, and enhance internal communication.

“Happeo is extremely user-friendly and provides an easy way for companies (especially international ones) to connect their employees both to each other and to information.”


Chloe Aftab, Riwal
May 2020

“Happeo has completely changed the way we work together. As a small, but geographically dispersed company, Happeo allows our whole team to source and share important information at any time. Google Workspace integration makes collaboration and knowledge sharing very streamlined”


Ansleigh Walker, Seamless
August 2019

“We wanted something fully integrated with our Google platform. The implementation was simple. Happeo support is very good and we have a good picture of their roadmap with future new functionalities.”


Eric Madec, Givaudan
September 2020

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