9 ideas how intranets can engage employees

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9 ideas how intranets can engage employees

Let's be honest: How often have you felt completely unmotivated and left out at work? We're pretty sure that there have been these kinds of moments, as we have all been there. In times in which working from home and remote work are becoming more and more normal, the personal link to the company one is working for can easily get loosened up. Once this happens, it's hard to continue working in a motivated way like before as employee engagement can shrink automatically.

According to a study from Gallup only 36% of employees are engaged in the workplace and 13% are actively disengaged, which means they have miserable work experiences and spread negativity to colleagues.

In this article you will learn what is employee engagement and how to engage employees. We'll also give you an inside on how an intranet platform can engage employees and thus keep the motivational level high and we'll give you eight of our best employee engagement tips.


What is employee engagement?

When we talk about employee engagement, we mean the connection between an employee and the organisation he or she is working for. By that we don't only mean the contractual side, but mostly the emotional commitment and the will to actually realise the goals and objectives of the employer.

Employee engagement has several advantages for companies:

How to engage employees?

To engage employees, you need to make sure that you actually reach them. By implementing a central piece of communication, you can help your employees to stay in touch with each other, give rewards, welcome new team-members and, above all, keep the motivational level high – no matter where your employees actually are. This is especially important for remote teams, who are easier disengaged. Doing so, using an intranet can be one method to enhance employee engagement that comes with many advantages. In the following, we'll give you eight different ways on how intranets can engage employees.


9 ways on how intranets can engage employees


  1. Intranets help employees to connect with each other

Working remotely, being alone in an office or your own living room while working for a huge team and company can be quite frustrating. And, as we all know, frustration can quickly lead to demotivation and hence a low employee engagement. That's why one of our most important employee engagement tips is to give your employees a way to connect to their colleagues, to interact and exchange with them and to stay in the loop of important decisions and information. 

Using an intranet as a remote work tool can give you a lot of opportunities to help employees to connect with each other such as a people directory, various channels, virtual coffee and lunch breaks and even simple tagging in documents and project planning tools, only to name a few. Trust us, if you ever feel disconnected, you may as well be overwhelmed by all these opportunities an intranet can actually give you.



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This is how intranets can help to connect employees with each other:

  1. Intranets help to recognise and reward people

A study that was published in The Harvard Business Review found out that 91% of all employees think that insufficient communication is one of the biggest problems in the companies they are working for. Surprisingly part of this insufficient communication was not only the lack of employee reward (63%), but also too little interaction and networking opportunities with colleagues. Well, time to change this.


lack of employee engagement and no communication


By using an intranet, you can easily reward and recognise people by implementing dedicated channels for this kind of recognition, by publishing an official reward letter within your communication channels or even by using virtual company events to name the employees you want to thank for their achievements. The possibilities are endless when it comes to employee recognition and you'll quickly see this is one of the many ways to enhance employee engagement by every personal reward you're giving.


  1. You can measure engagement and act upon findings

Sometimes it can be super hard to measure employee engagement, especially if your employees are distributed all around the globe. By using Advanced Intranet Analytics you can quickly see in which parts most of your employees are engaged in, what channels are the most active and what kind of tools are rarely being used.

And do you know what is the best part about getting a deep dive into these kinds of information? You can quickly act by offering the tools that your employees really need. Some of your teams are not really into communicating through channels? Great. Then offer them weekly or even daily catch-up calls to get them engaged. Some of your employees organise virtual after-work-drinks? Why not organising this as an entire company event? The more you listen to your employees, the more you can actually offer what your employees need – and as a result increase their happiness and work and obviously their engagement into daily tasks and reaching long-term objectives.

Fun fact: Most intranets also include survey features that can easily be sent out to your employees. You can use this feature to get (in)formal feedback through proper interviews, anonymous data through rather short surveys or really accurate insights thanks to face-to-face-talks.



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  1. Intranets can boost your company culture

Sometimes it is really hard to spread the company culture to a team that is based all around the globe. However, having a solid understanding of the culture of the company you are working for is the base of successful day-to-day-work – and also the way of feeling as being a recognised team-member.

An intranet can help you spread the company culture to various countries and time-zones without a problem. Doing so, you can make sure that everyone is following the same tone and objectives. By sharing the company's identity through, for example, great stories that you are sharing in your newsfeed you also make sure that everyone feels involved and this on the other hand means that you boost employee engagement and drive teamwork.


  1. Trainings and workshops can be offered via your intranets

Doing the same job over and over again can often lead to demotivation and, well, boredom. Giving your employees the opportunity to develop themselves, to learn new abilities or to strengthen their knowledge can be a key method to enhance employee engagement.

By using your intranet, you can offer training and workshops for various interests. Obviously, you can offer training that is work-related and help your employees to become even better than they already are. However, you could also offer social gatherings such as live yoga workshops or quick dance breaks and meditation classes that break the usual work routine and increase the motivational level automatically. Sounds good? Well, it's that easy to turn your employees into happy souls.


  1. Intranets help employees on their start

Starting a job at a new company is always a challenge. Within the first week people are mostly overwhelmed by all new information, documents and tools and often lack a general understanding of the internal organisation. Studies show that employees are 69% more likely to stay if they experience stellar onboarding. Besides that another study reveals that 31% of new recruits leave the company within 6 months of joining. These numbers reinforce the importance of getting the employees’ first few weeks right. Through a social intranet solution, you can easily help those new colleagues to quickly integrate themselves and adapt to the company culture. Read our blog post Useful tips for onboarding remote employees to get more onboarding ideas.

Doing so, you could use your file storage to keep all needed documents for newbies handy and structured, you could offer a virtual get-to-know-each-other-event or you could even do a little shout-out in one of the channels. Trust us, the employee engagement of new colleagues is even higher once they already feel recognised by the future colleagues within their first days at the office.


  1. Intranets speed up employee engagement

By using a structures file storage to keep all needed documents for newbies handy, you could offer a virtual get-to-know-each-other-event or you could even do a little shout-out in one of the channels. Trust us, the employee engagement of new colleagues is even higher once they already feel recognised by the future colleagues within their first days at the office.


  1. Intranets are social and fun

Do you remember the times when short meetings at the coffee machine were the way to go to catch up and connect with colleagues? Well, in digital times, in which everyone is working from home or from anywhere in the world, these short and sweet meetings already belong to the past…

However, not giving your employees a way of informally and socially interacting with their colleagues can quickly lead to demotivation and thus lower the level of employee engagement. An intranet is not only a place where communication happens and documents are being stored, but also a place where social interaction can happen. You could easily offer fun channels for different interests and hobbies and where colleagues can exchange their experience and basically just share fun stuff. Also, how about having a virtual pub quiz or any other fun gamification? Most intranets function as social intranets and thus offer various opportunities to break down the formal barrier and change work into a fun place that people want to be part of.


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  1. Intranets speed up internal processes

Not finding the right document or file and waiting for feedback is time-consuming and also a factor that can quickly lower your employees' motivation. Imagine having just finished something way before a strict internal deadline and then having to wait for feedback for two or three days and reaching the deadline. Boom, that's a downer.

An intranet is the organised person you always wanted to be. It's the perfect place to store all files, sheets and any other documents that can easily be found through Universal Search and a well-developed intranet search bar. Thus, your employees cannot only quickly find the documents they need, but they can also tag colleagues in their documents in order to quickly get the feedback that they need. That's what we call efficient work and the key to higher productivity.


So, where do you start and how to get employees engaged?

We know that giving you all these employee engagement tips and showing you ways to improve employee engagement sounds too easy, but sometimes it's way harder to realise some of those tips. But, trust us, even small steps can help a lot when it comes to lacking motivation within your team. Above all, it's important to talk to your colleagues and to find out what they are actually missing in their daily work life. Listen to them and adapt. Once you have a general understanding, you can start by implementing things such as virtual social meetings or even simple things such as a fun channel to share the favourite song or film or a rewarding channel where dedicated employees get recognised for their hard work.

Remote work may sound like paradise when considering the fact that you can sit by the beach while being in an important meeting, but the further away people are from their office, the easier it gets to feel isolated and thus demotivated. An intranet is your way to go to ensure that your employees are not only integrated but also highly connected – no matter where they are in the world.

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Fri, Jun 4, '21

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