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Beyond keywords: Happeo’s Search AI delivers personalized, secure, and clutter-free information

Beyond keywords: Happeo’s Search AI delivers personalized, secure, and clutter-free information

10 mins read

Thu, Jun 27, '24  

Happeo is entering a new era of enhanced personalization and amplified productivity. Search AI, the first in our suite of AI-powered features, is available starting June 27. Join our exclusive webinar on July 10 to learn all about the feature and ways you can leverage it in your organization. Register here.

The feature is only available for customers on the Starter, Growth, and Enterprise Plans. It's not available for customers on Essential, Recommended, and Custom Plans. 

Imagine a world where your intranet is more than just a collection of posts, pages, and documents – it’s your personal assistant. A unique experience fueled by personalized notifications, summarized answers to your questions, and content suggestions tailored to your preferences. You no longer have to waste time searching for updates and content yourself. You can trust the accuracy of the information too  – any gaps in your intranet content are surfaced by the intranet itself, so you have more time to get some impactful work done. 

Sounds nice, right? Search AI is the first step towards that reality.

What is Search AI?

Happeo’s Search AI is a powerful solution to the challenges of traditional information retrieval. In a landscape where users often navigate multiple sources to find answers, our Search AI provides a streamlined solution that cuts through the noise. It’s designed to save employees time searching for information and empower them with the knowledge they need to excel in their jobs.

Search AI consolidates your search results into a single answer, conveniently translated to the language of your query. It utilizes information gathered from multiple sources within Happeo or external integrations to provide not only summarized answers but also action points. This helps users continue their workflow without interruption and focus on what matters.

Resources to help you promote this news in your company:

  • Help Center article – see how Happeo’s Search AI works
  • Rollout Guide for Site Owners including:
    • Overview of Happeo AI’s functionality and security practices
    • Communications Toolkit to help you talk about this feature with your users
    • Banner kit with helpful visuals
    • Guidelines and best practices for maximum value
    • FAQ

What makes Search AI so powerful?

Saving time on every query

The average employee spends 7.6 hours a week searching for information they need to do their job. Not anymore. Search AI enhances efficiency and productivity by cutting through the clutter and eliminating the need to go through multiple files. Less time searching, less frustration, more time getting things done.  

Versatile, trustworthy, and transparent results

Search AI finds content across Happeo and your integrations, providing comprehensive information retrieval with citation sources for validation. The feature also goes beyond the search function by identifying knowledge gaps within your organization. Imagine your intranet highlighting areas where critical information might be missing. Search AI empowers content creators to curate knowledge that addresses these gaps, ultimately equipping all employees with the information they need to deliver superior business outcomes.

A personalized experience

Search AI provides personalized search results based on user profile characteristics like role, location, and specific context. For example, if an employee in New York searches for the device policy, Search AI will aim to return a location-specific answer, saving time and effort. This personalization streamlines the process, delivering richer answers and eliminating the need for users to understand the nuances of the business to find relevant information. 

What can you expect from the feature?

Instant Answers with Summarized Responses and Action Points

Search AI delivers a concise summary, combining information from all your content into one digestible answer. You’ll no longer have to navigate various pages or sources to find your desired answers. With helpful action points provided with search results, end users can easily continue their workflow without having to run another search.

Confidence in every answer

Worried about outdated information in your platform? We’ll handle it. Search AI provides a confidence score with each answer, empowering users to assess the reliability of its source. This transparency puts users in control: trust the information, refine the search for a more precise result, or flag a knowledge gap for content creators.

Secure Search Through All Your Sources

Our Search AI goes beyond traditional search functions. It seamlessly combines information from the platforms you’ve connected to Happeo, but never stores the information it retrieves. This means it’s not only holistic – it’s also secure. 

Multilingual Capabilities

One of the standout features of our Search AI is its ability to support multiple languages. It breaks down communication barriers by translating the search result into the language you used in your query, even if the original source was in a different one. Additionally, once the results are displayed, you can easily translate them into any other language of your choice.

Enhanced Search Beyond Keywords

Combined with the release of Search AI, semantic search creates a better overall search experience by looking beyond the keywords in a query. It will take synonyms into account, as well as the context of the user who searched. This means you get more accurate and relevant results in less time, even if you don’t use picture-perfect terminology.

Your company information is yours

Happeo is committed to innovation and enhancing your experience through the power of AI, but never at the expense of your privacy. Our security approach proves this. 

  • Data-secure modeling

Our unique AI modeling means your company information never leaves the confines of your organization. Our exclusive model doesn’t rely on open-source AI and ensures each customer’s information is untouched, unseen, and uninfluenced by any other customer’s data.

  • Synthesized Data Training

Our customers are not our guinea pigs. We never use customer information to train our AI model. Instead, we use synthesized data and our proprietary technologies to continue to grow our model’s capabilities. 

  • Access Controls

All Happeo AI features benefit from existing access management capabilities at a granular level, ensuring users are only granted access to information surfaced to them. We have found the perfect balance between speed, innovation, and control to ensure the application of Happeo AI doesn’t come at the cost of governance instability. 

What’s next?

This is just the beginning of our Knowledge Engine journey. Here’s what we are already working on in 2024:

  • Pages 2.0 for accelerated content creation
  • My Hub with actionable insights for a curated and personalized user experience
  • Writing Assistant for enhanced communications and content creation

Stay tuned for our release updates to learn more about these exciting features.