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Intranets and AI: The One Success Factor That Has Nothing to do With Technology

Intranets and AI: The One Success Factor That Has Nothing to do With Technology

Cara Heimbaugh

2 mins read

Mon, Feb 19, '24  

Though the concept of artificial intelligence has been around since the 1950s, AI has experienced a revolution and has been the biggest buzzword around the tech space for the past year or more, since the release of ChatGPT. Its applications have the flexibility to enhance almost any software platform. Intranets are no different.

At Happeo, we talk a lot about the evolution that intranets have experienced over the past couple of decades, and what we believe a modern intranet should look like to meet the expectations of today’s workforce. AI is a big part of that story, because AI is perfectly suited to intranet technology. 

Features Are Important

Many applications of AI are executed to make the daily lives of humans easier–automation, faster research, writing assistance, workflows. Meanwhile, the nature of an intranet is to empower productivity across an organization, so the two technologies have a unique overlap of synergy.

AI has the potential to make a positive impact in significant ways for intranets. From intelligent search and content creation to automated knowledge gap detection and personalization capabilities, it's possible for AI to enhance nearly every aspect of an intranet platform.

But there’s one aspect to AI applications for intranets that is the key to unlocking the most success with the platform, and it has little to do with technology.

Viewing Your Intranet as a Journey

The missing key, and the main reason why 90% of intranets are considered failures within three years after implementation, is an aligned strategy. 

In the past, rolling out an intranet has been viewed as a transactional process. You select the vendor of choice, implement the tool, and train users with the assumption that they will utilize it. This is very rarely successful. 

Instead, we need to see intranets not as a software, pulled off a shelf and purchased, but as a channel we use to mature as an organization, where we can connect, build culture, and serve one purpose. It’s a journey, a relationship that can be improved over time, and AI will be a major part of that story as organizations look to improve their current intranet experience.

Taking a strategic approach when beginning an intranet journey sets up businesses to use their intranet as a tool not only to house content, but to revitalize culture and create a unique company heartbeat that expands across a remote workforce.

AI is one strong catalyst for intranet transformation from a basic technology to a dynamic digital home that becomes the place where everyone starts their day and interacts. AI takes what has historically been a reactive technology (finding information when one needs it) to a proactive platform that anticipates user needs and provides space for knowledge value loops. A loop that strengthens as teams can more easily and quickly create content and share that knowledge. 

The First Step in the Intranet Journey

A game-changing intranet journey begins with a platform that is poised for the future, with AI at the center of a progressive user-focused experience. Happeo has an AI approach for 2024 and beyond that will consistently roll out powerful new features on top of their already top-rated intranet platform. 

Learn more about how Happeo AI can transform your intranet from a basic tool into the rich heartbeat of your organization.