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Happeo x Slack:
Better together

Blake and Ryan. Ellen and Portia. John and Chrissy. Get ready for the next big power couple: Happeo and Slack. Strong alone, stronger together. Slack takes care of your instant communication needs, while Happeo provides a place for important news and announcements — so no one misses a thing.

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Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
“Before Happeo, we used Slack as our primary means of communicating announcements and information throughout the company, which isn't ideal… Happeo’s helped us save that information somewhere that's very easy to search and find.”

Calene Horton, People Operations Manager at ActivTrak

85% of Slack users enjoy using Slack*

People love Slack. It’s one of the most-used instant messaging tools out there, and makes chatting with colleagues easy, even when they’re thousands of miles away. And with Happeo, it’s even more powerful. Happeo’s strong integration creates synergy with Slack, letting you surface information in seconds and communicate across platforms so no one ever misses a message.

*The Slack statistics on this page come from Happeo’s survey-based research performed in July 2022 (N=300).

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Happeo - the intranet fast-moving companies use to connect growing teams with the knowledge, news and tools they need to do their best work – together.
Happeo Partners

62% of Slack users feel they miss important information in Slack

Too much of a good thing isn’t good for anyone. And even Slack’s biggest fans admit it can be overwhelming. That’s because its purpose is to foster one-on-one and team-based instant communications. Company-wide announcements and other important updates can easily get lost in the shuffle.

Slack users spend 60 minutes per day looking for information on Slack

When you use Slack for everything, finding information becomes a struggle. Like looking for a needle in a very big haystack. Different types of information should live in different places, but be searchable from one central location that lets you find those needles in just a few clicks.

Happeo Partners

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So, why Happeo?

12 million people use Slack every day, including us here at Happeo. But if you wouldn’t keep your employee handbook or your important strategic announcements in the office kitchen, you shouldn’t keep them in Slack either. Happeo takes the burden of storing information and sharing news from Slack, so Slack can live up to its full potential, and your employees never miss a thing.

“We were heavily relying on email and Slack, which was causing a bit of a disconnect. It was difficult to know where the official information sat and important communications were getting lost… Happeo really helped us to bridge that gap by not only providing a data management system, but also integrating with Slack so that we get Slack notifications when something is shared on Happeo.”
Customer photo

Caitlyn Ibrahim

Senior Manager of Research and Strategic Capabilities
at Hunt Club

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“The pandemic removed our ability to interact physically with one another, and instead we sought refuge in Slack. Unfortunately, the fleeting nature of messages in Slack means people were left out. Happeo’s content is ‘sticky’, which makes our culture more visible.”

Customer photo

Salomé Bideaux

People Development Excellence Manager
at Doctolib

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