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intranet for Internal Comms departments

What is internal comms? What does an Internal Comms department do? Which tools do you use? Well if you work in Internal Comms you’ve probably answered those questions more times than you can count. Happeo is to an Internal Communicator what a hammer is to a carpenter. It’s your sandbox to play around in. There are many tools available, but the best intranet for Internal Comms departments is one that provides a central place for all your communications, a place for employees to connect.

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What is Happeo?

Happeo aims to make work a happier place. We provide an internet platform that serves both as a database for all your documents and resources, as well as an enterprise social network. The best intranet for Internal Comms departments is one that serves as the beating heart of your organization. 

The main benefits of using Happeo for Internal Comms departments

With Internal Comms, you want to get everyone on the same page. Ideally in an engaged and motivated matter. You also want to streamline communications, reduce emails, obliterate information silos, measure your efforts all while gaining visibility. Using an intranet for internal comms departments helps you reach your goals for each department.

Intranet for IC: How Happeo helps Internal Comms departments

An intranet for Internal Comms is one that eases communications. An easy to use, straight to the point tool that offers business solutions for Internal Comms departments. Happeo was built to help overcome hurdles and put internal comms in the spotlight.

Reduce email

We all know what it’s like to drown in emails. As an Internal Communicator, it’s your job to increase efficient communications, but you can’t exactly make emails disappear. But how to get less emails? Happeo is a platform for internal comms departments. You can share updates, new policies, achievements, anything you want. And with Happeo’s integration to Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) you can view your emails right from your Happeo home page.

Avoid information silos 

Happeo helps overcome silos, and connect people from different offices and remote workers by combining all essential collaboration features with social networking and targeted distribution of news. With Happeo’s search function, users can find any information they need with the click of a button.

Google Cloud Security apps
Google Cloud Security apps

Master asynchronous communications

Happeo allows for everyone to communicate and share information. Your leadership will gain visibility while also being introduced to what employees have to say and think. Communications can go up, down, sideways, diagonally, you name it. 

Increase Internal Comms department visibility 

Happeo is a modern digital and social collaboration platform that drives business alignment and engagement programs. No more trying to raise awareness and excitement in the dark. You can post about impactful news moments, company vision, product strategy, for all users to see. Happeo even offers the option making a post "must read" for important announcements, meaning users can click "I have read this" after seeing the announcement. Never doubt your reach again. 

Remote employee engagement

Employee engagement is hard enough in itself, and becoming increasingly difficult in today’s world of remote work. With Happeo you connect departments, offices, time zones, remote workers, for you to easily collaborate and share knowledge. Happeo’s social features, such as the ability to comment, or react to posts with emojis, encourage employees to participate and engage with each other. 

Build company culture

Culture can sometimes be an evasive or arbitrary concept, especially if you have offices around the world. You can fully brand your Happeo with your company colors and logo, even give your own name, making your intranet your intranet, and recognizable to all. Happeo is also the perfect platform to educate, engage, motivate and excite employees globally and make sure they know and identify with the company’s culture, mission and values.

Happeo's top 6 features for a stronger Internal Comms department 

Happeo’s own Internal Comms experts worked specifically to make Happeo the perfect Internal Comms tool. Our features were designed for Internal Comms departments to achieve their wildest dreams  – dreams of an aligned, engaged, happy and productive workforce, complete with flowing communications. 

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  • Easy to use channels

    You can easily create channels to drive conversation and engagement. Channels are the perfect place for sharing and collaborating. Notifications can be turned on so you never miss a beat.

  • Complete overview of your people

    Make your organizational chart available to all to increase visibility and teamwork. No more doubting who to contact for a marketing question, you can simply view your org-chart, or search ‘marketing’. Each user has a profile, with the possibility to contact them directly via their profile.

  • Mobile intranet app 

    With Happeo’s app you can rest assured that everyone stays connected. They can be in the office, working in the field, stuck in the bus during their morning commute, access to Happeo is easy and possible everywhere. Employees can stay engaged no matter what.

  • User-friendly design

    A successful strategy for Internal Comms departments is one inclusive of all employees. Happeo’s user design is not just beautiful, but easy to use. The platform is accessible to all, even those less comfortable with technology can fully make the most of it. 

  • Social features to boost engagement

    Happeo is a modern digital workplace for people to connect with colleagues. All the social features you already know and love are available on the Happeo platform, allowing you to comment on posts, like posts, tag colleagues and receive notifications. 

  • Universal search functionality

    Happeo’s universal search allows you to find exactly what you need. With our Google Workplace integration, you can search through all your Google Drive folders as well as profiles, pages, posts, all from one easy to use search bar. 

See an intranet in action
Internal Communications Report

“Happeo is extremely user-friendly and provides an easy way for international companies to connect their employees both to each other and to information."


Chloe Aftab

Internal Communications Report

“Through Happeo, we envision a virtual community that leans into our organization's core values and enhances our ability to achieve our mission.”


Jonathan Swengler

Internal Communications Report

“We are creating pages and leveraging Happeo’s iFrame capabilities to host all project management in the platform, including Trello boards.”


Karla Rejas