Intuitive knowledge management in Happeo

Reduce your ramping time, improve productivity and give everyone equal access to vital knowledge – no manual needed. Happeo is a knowledge management system that makes it easy to retain, share and find knowledge, no matter its shape or form.

Happeo, the social intranet

The benefits of great knowledge management

The best knowledge management system will empower your employees with the knowledge they need to get work done.

Shift from an “Ask” to a “Search” culture

Build your own self-service company wiki with Happeo. We’ll make it easy to find the knowledge your people need so everyone can focus on doing what they love.

Make information scale

As your business grows, so too will the knowledge you’ve shared. Happeo acts as your single source of truth – even if tomorrow’s truth is different from today.

Break information silos

Information silos are the biggest hurdle on your path to a collaborative culture. Build a knowledge sharing culture, and make everything available to everyone. So your people can make more informed decisions than ever before with.

Equal access to knowledge

Ever wondered how knowledge management plays into diversity & inclusion? It’s about equal access to opportunity. When everyone has access to the same information, talent will thrive.

Prevent knowledge attrition

The ending is an inevitable part of the employee experience. But don’t let all the knowledge someone gained during their tenure go out the door with them. Keep it safe in a knowledge management platform.

Be more productive

And here’s what it all boils down to: the less time you waste looking for information you need to make a decision or do your job, the more time you can focus on the tasks at hand.

Knowledge is power

One third of our customers say managing knowledge and centralizing information is the most important reason they use Happeo. Here are the returns they’ve seen.


of Happeo customers say that Happeo has had a positive impact on the way they share knowledge across the organization.


of Happeo customers say Happeo made it easier to scale their culture with their growth.


of Happeo customers say that Happeo has made it easier for employees to understand their company’s strategy and goals.

A single source of truth for all employees

Put your automatically-created org-chart in the hands of everyone. With our Employee Directory you can connect your people in entirely new ways.


Analyze and organize your knowledge

Take your knowledge management a step (or three) further.

Get everyone on the same page.
Get smarter. Get Happeo.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Organizations around the world work with Happeo to grow their business. Read our success stories to find out why they love using Happeo and how we've helped them to improve their organizational culture and boost productivity.


“My vision is that all 11,000 of us are singing from the same sheet of music. The best marketing dollars I can spend is to get 11,000 people to say the same thing, do the same thing, promote the same thing, and present a united front on who Trimble is.”

Customer photo

Michelle Chessler

“Because our Google Sites were not good enough in terms of structure and user friendliness, we ended up creating too many Sites – and with that, information silos. As an alternative, we developed this tribal-knowledge system. It was just faster and easier to ask a colleague for help! The pandemic removed our ability to interact physically with one another, and instead we sought refuge in Slack. Unfortunately, the fleeting nature of messages in Slack means people were left out. Happeo’s content is ‘sticky’, which makes our culture more visible – crucial to creating alignment and a sense of connection.”
Customer photo

Salomé Bidaux