Data security is at core of Happeo

Mon, Oct 02, '17

The world is getting even more digitalized and data security is a topic on everyone’s lips. We at Happeo take data security seriously and want to be transparent about how our service works. For that reason we have now produced a Happeo security white paper that explains what data do we collect and how is that data used to improve the service for users.

One of the main thing to understand with Happeo is that the service is developed with Google Cloud technologies. That means that we get to utilize one of the world’s most secure and reliable cloud infrastructure that keeps data safely stored and monitored 24/7. Even the unexpected events like fire incidents are taken into account and have no affect to the ongoing business.

The reason why some personal data, like username or email address, is collected is only to make the user experience of Happeo better. Download Happeo security white paper below and read in more detail, what data is collected and how is it used. We have also answered all the commonly asked questions in the end.


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