Disruptive change in the enterprise intranet industry as Facebook Workplace joins the movement

Wed, Oct 12, '16 •

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Disruptive change in the enterprise intranet industry as Facebook Workplace joins the movement

The launch of Facebook's Workplace service on 10 October is the latest event to come out of the period of major disruptive change currently being experienced by the enterprise intranet industry. The shift away from traditional intranets towards enterprise social networks is continuing, and we at Happeo are proud to be a part of this pioneering movement.

The enterprise intranet industry is currently experiencing a period of major disruptive change. Notable players include Slack, one of the most hyped companies of 2016 in the area of workplace messaging and collaboration solutions; Microsoft, which is adding intelligent cloud collaboration features to Office 365; and most recently Facebook, which officially launched its Workplace service on October 10.

What these solutions have in common is that they are all pushing the original idea of the intranet and internal collaboration further and further into the social arena, with the goal of empowering employees, increasing engagement, and improving productivity.

From intranets to ESNs

Enterprise intranets have been around since the ‘90s. They were born out of the need to centralize and ease the exchange of information by avoiding the duplication of tasks, reduce delays in internal communication, and avoid the proliferation of several versions of similar documents.

Today, intranets are increasingly cloud-based platforms, joining in the SaaSification of many software products that began life as locally installed clients. Many also now offer real-time file collaboration features. What we once thought of as intranets are increasingly being referred to as ESNs – enterprise social networks – to reflect their expanded social-media type functionalities.

Happeo a game changer in the Google Cloud market

At Happeo, we’re proud to be a part of this pioneering disruptive movement. Our enterprise social network platform strikes the perfect balance between employee empowerment and control over data by domain admins, hitting the sweet spot between bottom-up and top-down communication.

To find out more about Happeo, watch the video.


Perttu Ojansuu


Wed, Oct 12, '16

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