Empowering flexibility
for one of the world's most innovative workforces

Emptor is a fast-growing, 100% remote company with 50 employees across South America, Africa, and the United States. They create automated background checks to verify the identity of new hires across South America. They’ve been in business since 2016 and have large clients such as Cornershop, Uber and CABIFY.

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The Challenge

Emptor runs a different race. Their pace – blistering. Their ability to adapt – unmatched. Any Emptorite with a good idea can get it approved by top management and rolled out within a week. Their access to global talent, and lean set-up, signals a clear competitive advantage, but there is risk. 

Moving fast means communicating fast, and Emptor lacked a centralized place to do that. The result? Information silos scattered across Drive, Documents, PDFs, Jira, Slack and more. Emptor needed a centralized place for their internal communications – one that is as fast and adaptable as they are.

“Going forward, we will be creating pages and leveraging Happeo’s iFrame capabilities to host all project management in the platform, including Trello boards. This will leverage its full potential by creating a centralized place for internal communication and collaboration. When you grow you need a strong structure. That’s what Happeo provides.”

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An obvious advantage to Happeo is its Channels.

"Since Happeo brings Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) under the same roof as its intranet and collaboration capabilities, even static information becomes engaging. Case in point: our investors are in our Happeo platform, and they never would have been in our disparate environment with Confluence. Why? Because they love seeing all our information in a structured, visually appealing way."

Download the full case study here

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Creating a happy digital culture

“Happeo bridges this all together with a really powerful search engine that works across content in the platform itself, but also in Google Workspace. It’s our source of truth. If you need any file, sheet, a person or anything else – go into Happeo, look for it and it will be there.”

The features that changed the game for Emptor

• Deep Google Workspace integration, to create a single source of truth

• Easy-to-build Pages that act as Emptor's knowledge base

• User-friendly construction that makes people want to use Happeo, including investors  

• Analytics that evaluate the effectiveness of their Internal Communications 

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