How True rapidly grew with Happeo over the last three years

How True rapidly grew with Happeo over the last three years

True is the executive talent management firm of the future, headquartered in New Jersey. They also have offices in London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Shanghai, Singapore, and Sydney. They place C-suite executives and other executive-level hires for venture capital and private equity-backed companies, public companies, and investors.

Recruit. Retain. Empower.

“Our CEOs and founders believe that when you do good you do well and that business outcomes follow the way that you treat your people. Our values, culture, the way that we not only recruit, but retain top talent, are fundamental to our business success.

We believe that if you empower people, encourage them to balance their lives, set them up in a way that supports their career goals, professional development, and desire to learn — the result shows up in the work. Your clients are happy and they come back to you because they have such a positive experience with you.”

- Channa Green, Chief Communications Officer 

The challenge

“When we first became a Happeo customer, we had no intranet. No intranet means we had a strong need for a central source of truth. Since we are a Google enterprise company, we knew we needed something that was highly compatible with what we already had. We also focused on solutions that offered first-rate user experience, to ensure we had an intranet our employees would actually enjoy using.” 

What was truly needed?

True set out the following requirements to find their central source of truth:

  • Strong integration with Google Workspace 

  • User-friendly design 

  • Database to store all their information

  • Customization options to represent True’s brand and culture 

Analytics for a leader in communications

“Happeo absolutely helped me become a better communications professional. I use analytics to have conversations with my CEOs about what's working, and why and when it’s working. I can be a better consultant to the other executives in the company because I understand how change is resonating and how the communication is or isn’t landing. Having a tool and a resource like that is invaluable. 

When doing this job, the ability to have a platform to launch or reinforce certain policies, initiatives, or protocols and encourage dialogue is necessary.

The key is being able to look at the analytics and understand where people are paying attention and where they're not. Understanding what we need to supplement and how to drive engagement to be sure that this change is actually sticking.”

True AnalyticsA branded intranet, representative of True's culture and values

“Happeo allowed us to customize our domain, which is really valuable. There are so many different apps and platforms that people need and use on a daily basis — we wanted our intranet to stick. We customized our Happeo domain to True North. We chose that name because true north does represent your guiding light, it’s the single point of truth. We think of True North as the destination and the guiding light for everything True. We have our own name, colors, and imagery, an intranet that genuinely represents our brand and culture, and to me that’s incredibly important.” 

Connection for a growing company

“As we've grown, it's become increasingly challenging, as every scaling company knows, to know who is who. One of the things we prioritize is the ability to better connect our people and help everyone understand quickly who their colleagues are, what they do, and what their interests are.
We use Happeo to connect our people with the organizational chart, so everyone knows who is who, and Channels allows everyone to post and have their voice heard.”

The features that true loved most

  • Analytics to learn what content performs best 

  • Launcher to have all the apps and tools they use in one place 

  • An organizational chart to know who’s who

  • Channels to give everyone a voice

A True Story with Happeo

“We use Happeo for new employees joining to go through the onboarding process. I constantly hear, “this is great, I wish we had something like this at my old company.” It’s a tool that is beneficial, both from the corporate side and from a user experience perspective. When we set out to build our first intranet, we were really looking for a central destination for our employees to get information whenever they needed it. In the past three years that the platform has grown with us, it's helped us support our employee engagement, Internal Communications and cultural growth. We're excited to see where the future takes us.”

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