These 7 Internal Communications specialists influence the non-English speaking world

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These 7 Internal Communications specialists influence the non-English speaking world

Internal Communications specialists are not only for the English-speaking world – engagement knows no barriers, be they language or cultural, and every employee wants to feel valued and supported. Like they’re part of something bigger than just what’s in front of them.

Internal Communications is no more a fledgling profession, and good Internal Communications specialists are to be found in every corner of the globe. However, because it’s such a huge and long-standing profession in the English-speaking world, and especially in the UK, you’ll find many of the Internal Communications specialists considered to be “influencers” (yes, that dreaded word) are to be found in the UK or the US. We gathered many of them together in a list for our Internal Communications 101 report, which you can read here. That’s nothing against the rest of the world; it’s just a sign of the maturity of the industry in those countries. 

Not for long, though. We see IC gurus emerging on all fronts, and there are plenty of non-English speaking Internal Communications specialists from which you can learn a lot. To go along with the aforementioned list of (predominantly UK-based) influencers, add these names to your must-follow list poste haste (rapidement, nopeasti, snel, fljótt, greitai, malajr, raskt, szybko, hızlı bir şekilde, ngokukhawuleza, con rapidez).

Many thanks to Mike Klein, IC guru, Chair of IABC EMENA and author of Happeo’s Present and Future of Internal Communications series for many of these nominations. 

Did we miss someone you love following? Do you get your IC insights from a different Internal Communications specialist? Let us know over on Twitter, and get involved in our debate about what’s next for Internal Communications by using the hashtag #IC2POINT0.

Lise Michaud, Founder of IC Kollectif

Based in Montreal, Canada
Twitter: @michaud_lise and @IC_Kollectif
LinkedIn: in/lisemichaud/
Instagram: @ic.kollectif
Facebook: ickollectif


Talented Lise is founder of IC Kollectif, a recipient of the IABC Gold Quill Award of Excellence. IC Kollectif is an independent nonprofit based in French-speaking Canada, and the only global organization dedicated to the strategic management of Internal Communications as a business function. Sharing knowledge, insights and research from around the world, IC Kollectif’s reach goes to more than 163 countries - reports include The Next Level, looking at the business value of good Internal Communications, and Disrupting the Function of IC. Lise herself has been in senior and executive communication roles across the public and private sectors in Canada for almost three decades, and you’ll see her around the IABC and PRSA network. Make sure you follow both Lise and IC Kollectif itself on Twitter to get full access to amazing insights from Internal Communications specialists around the world. 

Ale Formanchuk, Director of Formanchuk & Associates and President of the Argentina Association of Internal Communication

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Twitter: @AllThingsIC
LinkedIn: in/formanchuk
Instagram: @aleformanchuk


Ale is a highly experienced Internal Communications specialist, author, speaker and big time influencer. He’s founder of the agency Formanchuk and Associates (so influential he gave his name to the agency), through which he and his team help companies like Pepsico, Fiat, DHL and AXA to develop and deliver internal communications through campaigns and training services. He speaks all over the world at conferences and events to share his knowledge, and he’s also a member of the Imagine Creativity Center, an innovation center based in Silicon Valley, where he trains entrepreneurs from around the world in design thinking and pitching. Not only that, Ale is President of the Argentinian Association of Internal Communications (AADECI) and the Director of FIDECI, the largest Ibero-American community of internal communicators, and the creator of the first Festival of Innovation in Internal Communication, and the author of several books on the cultural challenges and disruptions facing Internal Communications. This guy means serious IC business, so brush up on your Spanish and get following. 

Aniisu K Verghese, Founder OF Intraskope, Blogger, speaker, coach and trainer 

Based in Bengaluru Area, India
Twitter: @aniisu
LinkedIn: in/aniisu/
Instagram: @aniisu3


Aniisu is an Internal Communications specialist, a career coach and an author with almost two decades’ worth of experience in the evolving world of Internal Communications. He’s worked in leading IT, financial services and consulting organizations, and often shares expert media commentary and perspectives on culture, social media, employee and leadership communications. He is the Vice-President - Finance of the South India Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), has been a judge for that organization’s Gold Quill awards, and has even published a book on the insights, practices and models of Internal Communications. In short, when it comes to the world of Internal Communications in India, Aniisu is your man. 

Taina Saarikoski, Manager, Internal Communications, Travel and Office Services at Trimble Solutions 

Based in Helsinki, Finland
Twitter: @SaarikoskiTaina
LinkedIn: in/taina-saarikoski
Instagram: @taina.saarikoski

Taina is one of those in-house Internal Communications specialists who also takes care of a whole load of other duties, too — if that sounds familiar, you may well find empathy in her feeds. Taina looks after Internal Communications, travel and office services for the company that builds GPS, so she’s used to dealing in tricky, detailed and dry information for knowledge and manual workers, and trying to transform that into engaging and sparkling Internal Communications for employee engagement. We’re also a bit biased, because she’s a big believer in what Happeo can do to transform Internal Communications — find out why here

Anders Monrad Rendtorff, Associate Partner at RelationsPeople and Head of Communications for VL — The Danish Management Society

Based in: Copenhagen, Denmark
Twitter: @AndersRendtorff
LinkedIn: in/andersrendtorff


Anders is a PR pro from Denmark who holds two hats: he’s a consultant for RelationsPeople, and he’s also Head of Communications for The Danish Management Society. With an MA in Public Relations from Roskilde University and an Executive MBA from Copenhagen Business School, Anders gets what makes the modern corporate tick. He’s led global communications in listed companies and has played a lead role in developing corporate business strategy. He’s also an associate professor at the Copenhagen Business School, chairman of GAME - a non-profit founded in 2002 to create lasting social change through youth-led street sports and culture -  and spokesperson for the Danish communication community K1. Phew! Needless to say, Anders is a very busy man, generous with his time, and very, very clever. 

Georg Kolb, Partner at Klenk & Hoursch Corporate and Brand Communications

Based in: Munich, Germany
Twitter: @GeorgKolb
LinkedIn: in/georgkolb


Georg is a partner at the agency Klenk & Hoursch, which is itself part of a network of 75 partner agencies across five continents, so you’ll get a very international viewpoint from here. He comes from a sales and marketing background, which means he knows how to find the audience and understand what makes them tick, and across his almost 30 years as a communicator Georg has worked with some of the biggest names in the world. He’s all about communicating organizational development, and shares insights mainly on Twitter. 

Dennis Larsen, Managing Partner at ReputationInc

Based in Oslo, Norway
Twitter: @ReputationInc
LinkedIn: in/larsendennis/


If it’s reputation you want to know about, Dennis is your man. Managing Partner at ReputationInc, Dennis is an international management consultant providing solutions that unlock value through strategic reputation management — and we all know one of the biggest threats to a business’s reputation is the lapses of its own people. ReputationInc helps to create engagement campaigns and train business leaders to become champions, so there’s plenty to learn here about the communicator’s role in safeguarding reputation. He shares loads of valuable insights on both Twitter and LinkedIn. 


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Wed, Jun 26, '19

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