14 must-have corporate Intranet features employees love

14 must-have corporate Intranet features employees love

Emilie Lomas


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Thu, Aug 5, '21  

What are corporate intranet features? They’re the features that complete and complement your intranet, making it your organization's number one place to go and get work done.

Equipped with the correct corporate intranet features, your intranet becomes your digital workspace — the place you start your day, find the information you need to do your work, and engage and collaborate with colleagues. 

1. Mobile intranet app


An intranet can only reach its full potential if all employees can access it. And an intranet can only be accessed by all if it has a dedicated mobile intranet app as well. It may be that your workforce is divided between office workers and frontline workers. While your frontline workers don’t sit behind a screen all day, they’ll likely have access to their phones. Or it may be circumstances that leave your employees in need of an app. I.e, an employee might be stuck on their morning commute, waiting in an airport, having problems with their laptops — all cases in which an app saves the day.

2. Intranet branding

An intranet serves many purposes, including strengthening and building company culture. As such, your intranet should be representative of your brand with full branding. This can be done by giving the portal its own name, using your company’s colors, and making sure your logo is visible. At the end of the day, your branded intranet should make you proud. 

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Most of your workforce is familiar with social media, even if to different degrees. A timeline is the easiest way to get an overview of what’s going on in your organization and see the latest shared news and updates. 

3. Social intranet features

social features

Thumbs-up are underrated. A simple thumbs-up is the most familiar, fastest, and easiest way to demonstrate engagement on social posts. And it shouldn’t stop there. Reacting to posts with emojis is a good start, but there should also be the option to comment and post in collaborative channels, and tag other users. You want your employees to engage in a way that is effortless to them, with social intranet features that are easy to understand and use.

4. Notifications

To assure high usage rates, users should have the possibility of receiving notifications. Both desktop and mobile push notifications can assure no one skips a beat and people stay up to date with what happens. Ideally, users should have the option to choose what they want to be notified of and how.

5. Enterprise search

An intranet is a great place to store all your information. From onboarding materials to Q3 targets, to your company’s values. But having a database is of no use if people can’t find what they’re searching for. A universal search function helps sift through all the information to deliver desired results. 

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6. Intranet analytics

Learning what content performs best, what search inquiries are most common, and what users are most active, can give invaluable insights. These advanced analytics can help you create tailored content and bring your intranet usage to the next level.

7. Organizational chart

org chart-1

Even in smaller organizations, knowing who’s who isn’t evident. A comprehensive organization chart and people directory can give you a simple overview of who does what, what team they’re part of, where they’re located, what skills they have, and how to contact them. Need someone in HR who speaks French? Just check the org chart. 

8. Third-party integrations

To put it simply, the point of an intranet is to make your life easier. This will especially be the case if your intranet integrates with applications you already know and use — truly making your intranet the central hub for your work.

9. Content management system

file manager

An intranet can be used as your company’s database. You can store all internal information and materials in a secure way for everyone to find. No more going fishing in a long chain of emails to find the marketing presentation from last quarter.

10. Strong security 

Your intranet serves as your internal database and networking system. Intranet security is a top priority when it comes to keeping all your information safe. Your intranet should guarantee to keep your data safe and private.

11. Cloud-based

A modern intranet means one that can be accessible to all no matter where they are. If your internet is cloud-based your workforce can access it in a safe and secure way, whether working from the office, at home, or when traveling. 

12. Multilingual platform


If your workforce is based in various countries and working in different languages, your intranet should be available in those languages. Creating an all-inclusive workforce can help you create both alignment and engagement amongst your employees. 

13. Integration with collaboration suites

Whether your organization uses Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, find an intranet that seamlessly integrates with the tool you use. A strong integration will enable you to do all your work, straight from your intranet — no need to go back and forth. 

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14. Intranet pages

An intranet page is a page that can be created to store valuable company information. Like your very own mini-encyclopedia. Recurring questions about how to request time off? Just send them to your internal HR page, complete with links to forms and calendars. Pages can be created about anything and customized to best represent your company.

Not all intranets will have all features. It’s up to you to prioritize what is most important to you with an intranet features checklist and set out to find the intranet that best works for you. The more features an intranet has, the better suited it will be to bring your business to the next level, by saving you time and money, and making your employees happier at work. Stay away from outdated intranets, and go for modern intranets complete with modern intranet features.