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Meet Happeo's Full Branding Add-on

Promote a consistent identity with increased digital brand exposure.

Happeo Google Intranet User
Happeo Intranet Pages

Custom URL

Use your company domain instead of app.happeo.com. Whatever you choose, it's always there, right in your browser bar.

Custom Login page

The login page is the door into Happeo. That first impression counts. Customize its image and text, let people know what to expect even before they enter.

Happeo Intranet Pages
Happeo Intranet Pages

Branded notification emails

Happeo helps you create an easy structure for your social intranet. That's why we make it easy to group pages logically together. Pages can have sub-pages without a convoluted navigation experience, giving you a one-glance overview at all times.

What happens internally,
resonates externally

A strong brand increase alignment, making sure everyone is on the same page

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Branding increases adoption

Recognizability lowers barriers to entry. Employees are more likely to use their Happeo platform when it looks like it's truly made for their company.

The importance of employer branding

Employer branding starts on the inside and resonates on the outside. A strong identity makes it easier for employees to act as company ambassadors - upping the quality of their referrals and external messaging.