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Where you do great work together

Happeo keeps your company productive, connected, and always in the loop.

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Happeo | One place to surface all your information
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer

Happeo is trusted by thousands of experts from:

Get everyone on the same page and excited to do their best work

Top remote and distributed talent need the tools to do their job effectively and look for a culture they resonate with. Happeo makes it easier to attract, engage and retain them, even when you’re growing fast.

  • Make anything easy to find
  • Speed up onboarding
  • Make sharing easy
  • Retain your knowledge
  • Give employees a voice
  • Keep them updated and aligned
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Happeo | One place to surface all your information
Happeo | Laser-focused but human internal communications

Get the right information in the hands of the right people, when they need it

When fast growth is the new normal and your tools multiply, it’s easy to opt for a “spray and pray” approach to communications. But that’s when your problems start. Happeo cuts through the noise so your people can use information effectively and communicate clearly.

  • Target your communication
  • Make updates and news land
  • Establish clear governance
  • Align on goals and strategy
  • Understand who’s viewing what
  • Help employees speak up
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Scale your toolset as you grow

Too many apps combined with fast growth is a recipe for disaster. Happeo makes your tools work better together and helps teams use them more effectively from one central and secure place. You can scale your tech stack as you move fast, without worrying.

  • Your tools accessible from one
  • Easier, faster provisioning
  • Higher security and compliance
  • No maintenance or admin work
  • Better visibility and control
  • Mobile app included
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Happeo | Let people speak up, still have those coffee break moments

Helping you help your team

  • Regular check ins and evaluations
  • 24/7 access to support
  • Shared support channel
  • Comprehensive knowledge base
  • Active customer community channel

Owned by a few, welcomed by all

Happeo | Make your tools work better together, don’t reinvent the wheel

Grow without the headaches

Higher employee engagement means higher productivity, lower turnover and more profit. Happeo makes it possible, even when you’re going remote.

  • Retain top talent
  • Keep up with change
  • Convey your vision
Happeo for leaders
Happeo | Save 20% of your people’s time with one search to rule them all

Help run things effectively

With so many tools, processes and workflows, your team can’t be effective. Happeo helps you bring everything together into one easy to use platform.

  • Standardize information
  • Increase tool adoption
  • Align on goals & strategy
Happeo for operations
Happeo | Don’t just broadcast, target your news

Find everything and connect with peers

Too many disjointed tools, inconsistent communication, and no time to keep up to date? Happeo fixes it for your people so they can do great work.

  • Know where everything is
  • Share your wins
  • Get the watercooler back

Happeo for employees

"We need Happeo because we’re growing super fast. It’s not linear growth. It’s exponential growth in terms of people and ideas, so we need a place to contain our ever-increasing knowledge."

- Salomé Bidaux, People Development Excellence Manager at Doctolib

We've got your back

We’re exactly like you. With a 100+ people team from over 45+ countries, we know how important your people are. We built Happeo to help you make sure everyone can focus on doing their best work and feels valued. Even when the office is a long gone memory.

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Happeo | One place to surface all your information