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The intranet you’d actually want to use

You’re drowning in information, using too many tools, you don’t feel aligned with your coworkers, or worse, you’re experiencing all of it at once. Happeo gives you better access to the things you actually need and when you need them, in just a few clicks.

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Happeo customer
Happeo customer
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What employees love about Happeo

Find anything and anyone to get the job done, without having to ask

Another day WFH and another hour wasted trying to remember where that message or idea was shared. Was it Slack? Or email? Or in that comment you replied to the other day? With Happeo you don’t need to remember. It’s all there.

Move projects forward together, without having to guess

When there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle, it can be easy for your department to lose a few. That’s when projects stagnate and fail. With Happeo, anyone in your team can create dedicated hubs for important discussions or projects, so nothing gets lost in the noise.

Speak up and find your place in the organization

Working remote or hybrid, or undergoing changes across the organization, doesn’t have to mean you’re losing your voice. Happeo brings you and your coworkers together, and makes it possible for you to provide feedback on important matters, quickly and efficiently.

You need productive tools to do your job. 
Happeo’s one you’ll find useful.