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Stop chaos, start growing

Remote working, hiring freezes, employee burnouts, and budget cuts are at an all-time high. As a result, more and more teams are struggling to communicate and manage information across their company. We’re on a mission to solve information chaos so they can keep growing in the new world of work.

This is information chaos

If you struggle to find the information you need at work, your intranet is cluttered with too much content, and you’re seeing your productivity drop, you could be suffering from information chaos.



need to wade through more than ten tools to find the information they need



feel important information are slipping their attention



has to recreate a document at least once because they can’t find the original

This data is collected from 300 employees working in fast-growing companies across the U.S. in July 2022.

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How Happeo controls the chaos

Create a central source of truth

Using one platform to store all of the knowledge your employees need to do their best work is essential to creating a healthy and productive employee experience.



less likely to miss important information



less tools used to manage important information

Connect everything

Using too many tools for too many different tasks can decrease productivity and cause confusion. Instead of overwhelming teams with too many standalone tools, companies can integrate them into that central source. That way, users will have everything they need in one easy-access location.

Combine communication methods

Too often, companies cascade information and files within their rank or team, but not beyond. They could combine static, dynamic, and rapid communications to increase alignment and improve collaboration.



more likely to meet their deadlines



less repetitive work

Analyze and optimize

Review the performance of all communications across the central source, and keep doing so. Companies need tools that give them an in-depth but easy-to-understand view of performance data so that they can spot (and fill)any gaps.

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Salomé Bidaux, People Development Excellence Manager at Doctolib:

“Employees should be given the same level of service and clarity that we give customers. Just like our customers, our teams want to engage with information that’s relevant to them. Companies that want to make it in the long run, should define knowledge management at an early stage, as it will provide the stability needed for their growth.”

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Featured customer
Featured customer

Andy Serwatuk, Director of Solutions Architecture at Onix:

“You can bake a cake using a hammer, but it won’t taste very good. The same goes for tools at the workplace. Many companies have come to realize it’s key to their growth to deploy the right tool for the job. It has proven to make employees happier, more productive, and more efficient.”