How to create an inspiring intranet landing page?

The usefulness of an intranet is determined by its users. That’s why, when building a new intranet, it’s good to do some research within your organisation to find out what kind of content should your employees have at their fingertips. Though every organization has their own specific needs, there are also some general tips that can help you in building more useful and relevant intranet landing pages for your employees.

Integrated into your business tools

It’s understandable that you want to highlight important internal news on your intranet landing page - just remember that a page that is dominated by generic content might not feel relevant enough for your employees.

One great way to make your intranet more appealing to your employees is by integrating the business tools that they use on a daily basis, such as their calendar and virtual collaboration spaces, into your portal.  Features that enable collaboration and enhance productivity turn your intranet into a portal that does not just keep your employees informed but also supports their actual work.


Personalized content

Especially in a larger organization, your intranet will have multiple different user groups. Besides company wide news, it’s important that your employees can follow updates from topics that are especially relevant to them. Targeting can be done for example based on their location, function or a specific project they’re involved in.  


Interactive news pieces

Involve people into your internal communications by giving them an opportunity to interact with your news posts by liking, commenting and tagging colleagues. This is a simple first step towards a two-way communication with your employees. You can instantly get feedback from your audiences on which topics they are interested in whereas commenting gives them an opportunity to ask questions and share knowledge related to the news piece. Dialogue drives engagement and helps you to create a culture where discussion and knowledge sharing is encouraged.

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