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Happeo’s Universal Search just got bigger. Meet Federated Search

Happeo’s Universal Search just got bigger. Meet Federated Search

Jonathan Davies


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4 mins read

Wed, Jun 22, '22  

Happeo’s new Federated Search feature is set to improve the employee third-party search experience within their Intranet platform. The feature unifies data that’s scattered across multiple business applications and tools, high-yielding their customer's search efforts and productivity.

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Improving the user experience

For customers already using Happeo to centralize their internal information, Federated Search will have great upsides for them. Now, customers can break down more information silos and reduce time spent searching across multiple third-party platforms, unifying access to several of their data sources within their intranet. 

Product Manager, Victor Manrique, comments: "Happeo’s Federated Search gives you a window into all your business applications to create a search-not-ask culture. Content from third-party platforms will show up in the same search bar, so employees have easy access to the information they need, teams save time, and businesses surpass their productivity levels."

A customer-focused platform

The capabilities of Happeo’s universal search for their customers have been magnified, where functionality meets productivity in a simple and easily accessible way. Rest assured, Happeo will keep on maximizing the user experience by continuously innovating the platforms’ tools, features, and functionality…  Happeo has been committed to doing so since its founding in 2017.

About Happeo

Happeo is a social intranet, designed for businesses that work with Google Workspace. It acts as a company’s news stream and enterprise social network, combined into a branded intranet environment. Happeo enables your business communications to flow seamlessly, making work a happier place for all. 

Media contact: Lidia Luttin, pr@happeo.com, Media Kit