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Your organization’s digital home

Google The AI-powered intranet rated #1 for Google Workspace

Where your teams go for trusted content, to share expertise, and to come together as one team with one purpose. 

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Chosen and trusted by 400+ Google Workspace organizations
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer

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Get access to this free guide to compare vendors and features, and see which intranet solution is right for you.

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Bring control to information chaos

Happeo cuts through the noise with a clear signal that employees can rely on as a single source of truth. It helps move your organization away from the frustration of ad hoc communications and unstructured knowledge toward easy access to information and a more effective internal communications approach. 

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Unlock your organization's biggest resource–its knowledge

Up to 90% of a company’s information sits untapped as unstructured data*. Happeo unlocks that information and gives your organization access to leverage its power through internal knowledge management features. It also provides a space for all of your internal thought leaders to share their knowledge across the business with greater effectiveness. 

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Come together as one organization with one purpose

Gather around shared values and ideas with Happeo. Our intranet creates a beautifully designed, branded digital home where people can stay informed and empowered, moving together in the same direction by quickly and easily sharing information in a targeted fashion.

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Equip your intranet for the future with AI-powered services

Happeo is bringing your intranet to life with AI, starting with our flagship AI service: Search AI. Stop searching and start asking, with intelligent search that speaks any language and gets to know you over time, curating your daily intranet experience for peak productivity

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Happeo user review on G2

Happeo helps organizations move forward on their knowledge journey

“Happeo helps our organization better define teams, and gives them the platform and agency to become the source of truth for their realm. It created a culture of ownership around the company and a greater desire and ease for collaboration. It was the perfect tool for us to transition from one phase to the next.”
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Happeo helps teams share knowledge across their organization

Companies that know how to manage knowledge and evolve based on that knowledge outperform in talent retention and innovation (source: HBR).

Happeo | Intranet for HR, People & Culture teams

HR, People & Culture

53% of Happeo customers say it’s much easier to connect with hybrid and remote teams using features that help them manage conversations, as well as identify internal influencers and shared interests.

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Happeo | Intranet for Internal Comms teams

Internal Comms

Happeo makes it, on average 70%, less likely to miss information and deadlines with features that help you share and analyze information effectively.

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Happeo | Intranet for IT and Operation teams

IT and Operations

Happeo gives employees instant access to their tools and increases Google Workspace adoption by 43% on average using deep integration with Google Workspace, Slack, and dozens more.

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Happeo gives teams control in a changing workforce

What worked well two years ago won’t work out in the years to come. While your company evolves, Happeo keeps everyone informed, aligned, and productive along the way.

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Emily Stimler, Employee Communications Manager at Rayonier

“Above 90% of our employees use our intranet on a weekly basis. This high level of engagement is what we love about Happeo.”
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Happeo works with the tools you already use

We are the AI-powered intranet that is #1-rated for Google Workspace, but the benefits don’t stop there. Happeo integrates with dozens of other tools to give your employees move value from a single source and connect information from across all your teams and tools.


Search Integration


Search Integration


Native Integration


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Channel app


Search Integration

Why Happeo

Happeo outperforms any other intranet for G-Suite. Check out all of our  stand-out features using our product comparison guides, or see what other users have to say about their experience using Happeo.