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One tool to laser target your messages and get work done

Happeo makes sure your messages land with the right people at the right time, turning information into action.

  • Target your news effectively
  • Create unmissable announcements
  • Get the feedback you need, fast
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Happeo | One place to surface all your information
Chosen and trusted by 400+ Google Workspace organizations
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer

Why fast-moving companies use Happeo to streamline their internal communications

Reach the right people

Getting lost in millions of messages on Slack? With tailored channels, announcements, and advanced publishing, Happeo makes it easy for you to target your news to the right people, and for every team to always stay in the know.

  • Give news its dedicated space
  • Target unmissable announcements
  • Help leadership spread their message
  • Easily create rich and engaging content
Happeo | One place to surface all your information
Happeo | Laser-focused but human internal communications

Freedom, control, or both – you decide

Own your intranet within a team, or co-build your intranet across departments. Automatically transfer rights from Google or Azure AD and get granular control over who sees what, and maximize effectiveness with advanced analytics.

  • Launch faster with easy provisioning
  • Manage user permissions flexibly
  • Update content proactively
  • Stay consistent with templates

Get everyone on the same page

The more you scale, the more disconnected people may feel, and the more challenging it is for new hires to get up to speed. Happeo helps everyone stay on the same page about their company's vision, mission, and strategy, at all times.

  • Give departments their own hubs
  • Easily find and connect with anyone
  • Your org chart, always up to date
  • Important content just a search way
Happeo | Let people speak up, still have those coffee break moments
Happeo | Let people speak up, still have those coffee break moments

Fill in the gaps

It's a challenge to make any strategic decision when you have no idea how your messages will land - if they land at all. Happeo gives you complete visibility over your content, its performance and how engaging it is, so you can adjust as you go.

  • See how people engage with content
  • Understand what they need
  • Know if they can find it
  • Help teams enjoy and use your intranet

Make it a two way street

Control is great, but if you want to grow and retain top talent, they need to know that you’re listening. Happeo encourages employees to speak up and engage in important discussions with user-created channels, quick and fun reactions to content, and easy-to-share rich media.

  • Collaborate in channels with ease
  • Encourage feedback with quick reactions
  • Celebrate wins and recognize talent
  • Spark engagement with rich media
Happeo | Let people speak up, still have those coffee break moments

When all you need to reply is "It's in Happeo"

The right place, the right time

No more overlooked Slack or email messages

Happeo cuts the noise by targeting your message to the right people, even when you're growing by the month.

Not just another tool on top of your stack

Another app is probably the last thing you want right now. Instead of adding a burden, Happeo is designed to make all of your existing tools more effective.

Finally – the engagement and feedback you need

No more shooting news into the void. With Happeo, every message or announcement you send, will get the right eyeballs and reactions. Responding is easy, fast and fun.

"Happeo has helped us streamline communications for both company wide and individual office announcements. We have also been able to create content for new team members for onboarding, which has received amazing feedback"

- Happeo customer in Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

How companies get their ROI with Happeo