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The only platform you need to access company information

Give everyone an easy, fast and consistent way to get answers and stay productive.

  • Find what you need in a few keywords
  • All your tools, synchronized
  • Give teams and departments a home
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Happeo | One place to surface all your information
Chosen and trusted by 400+ Google Workspace organizations
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer

Why fast-moving companies use Happeo to centralize scattered information

One door into your digital office

Happeo helps you get your work done from one place. It integrates with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, so all your files are always at your fingertips. Get started in minutes and navigate your new digital workspace.

  • Workspace and MS365 synchronization
  • All your files, always in the right place
  • Create new content in a few clicks
  • Complete control of who can see what
Happeo | One place to surface all your information
Happeo | Laser-focused but human internal communications

One search bar to rule them all

Anytime you login into Happeo, you are only a keyword away from any piece of information or person in your team. Find anything you or your teams created, even if it’s floating around in another tool. No more waiting for responses from colleagues.

  • Search everywhere (third-party apps too)
  • Save time with autocomplete searches
  • Narrow down with search filters
  • Customize your search results

Give teams their own space

Your company grows, your projects grow – and so does the mess. Happeo gives every department the autonomy and control to easily create their own space where they can collaborate and share relevant information.

  • Easily create static department Pages
  • Customize your content and navigation
  • Build it fast with ready-made templates
  • Beautiful and consistent, no-code design
Happeo | Let people speak up, still have those coffee break moments
Happeo | Let people speak up, still have those coffee break moments

Keep everyone in the loop

Getting lost in a sea of articles and announcements? Documents spread-out like a turned-over Lego box? Time to sort it. Happeo organizes chaos and structures information and knowledge. No more guesswork.

  • Speed up onboarding
  • Help everyone be more effective
  • Retain people and knowledge
  • Keep aligned on goals and strategy

Fill in the information gaps

Happeo gives you the full picture of everyone's search patterns and behavior, so you can optimize your communications and file management as you go.

  • See exactly what users search for
  • Make information easier to access
  • Learn what content to focus on next
  • Understand trends and people’s needs
Happeo | Let people speak up, still have those coffee break moments
Happeo | Let people speak up, still have those coffee break moments

Bring your teams together

When you’re remote or distributed it can be challenging to keep your departments aligned and productive. Happeo gives each team the ability to create their own Channel and keep up on what’s happening.

  • Let teams create Channels
  • Collaborate and inform
  • Get the watercooler back
  • Keep it engaging and easy to use

When all you need to reply is "It's in Happeo"

Complete synergy with your company and your tools

Launch fast and securely with dedicated support

You can start working with Happeo in minutes. Our team will guide you through adding and organizing your content based on your specific use case.

No more hacking different tools together

Once your teams start using Happeo, the tools they're used to working with are still available to them – they're just easier to access and collaborate on.

Building your plane while flying it, made easy

Organizing an intranet can be complex. With Happeo, every Page, Channel, or Post remains neat, tidy, and easy to build.

"The fact that you can use Google Workspace to log in and import documents from your Drive is the best thing for us. An added benefit is that we are able to build what we need from scratch and not build what the platform wants us to."

- Happeo customer in IT Services and IT Consulting industry

How companies get their ROI with Happeo