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8 reasons why your organization needs a Google based intranet

8 reasons why your organization needs a Google based intranet

Jonathan Davies


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Thu, Aug 26, '21  

First things first, what is a Google based intranet? It’s where your dreams come true.

Assuming you dream of a digital workspace that empowers your workforce to collaborate. More specifically, it’s an intranet that integrates with Google Workspace (formerly known as G suite). But why does your organization need this dreamy intranet? Here are 8 great reasons why:


  1. Google Workspace is awesome

    There’s a reason why Google Workspace is used by so many companies. And it’s not just because it has the name “Google” and everyone’s familiar with it. It’s because it’s a genuinely useful tool. It’s easy to use by all (regardless of tech-knowledge) and makes working together truly easy. And even enjoyable, especially if you like your colleagues. A Google based intranet means you’re combining two really useful tools into one.

  2. Single sign-on (SSO)

    Are you tired of having to log in everywhere? Let alone remember a bajillion different passwords? If you have a Google account, you can use your same credentials to log into your Google based intranet.

  3. It’s easy to use. Really easy

    Google Workspace is easy to use in itself. Adopting an intranet that integrates with it means your employees will already be familiar with the user-design and how to navigate around. That also means users will be quick to adopt the platform, no need for endless trainings.

  4. Encourage and drive collaboration

    Google Workspace is a great tool for collaboration. It allows you to work together in real time, virtually. But why stop there? A Google based intranet takes collaboration to the next level. Users can see shared documents right there from the comfort of their intranet, and even get all their work done from one convenient place.

  5. A Google employee intranet for all employees, no matter where they are

    Who can access your intranet? Everyone in the organization. Regardless of what languages they speak, what country they work from, or even what time zone they’re based in. 

  6. Storage, storage, and more storage

    An intranet linked to the cloud means lots of storage, especially since Google Drive can provide unlimited cloud storage. This means all your documents, sheets, videos, resources, company information, etcetera, etcetera, are all stored (and more importantly, accessible) in your company intranet.

  7. A little something for your non-desk-employees

    A Google intranet app can really bridge the gap between desk and field workers. Employees can access the app to see real time updates, important company news, and find the information they need, on the go. If they’re working in a factory, or tending to patients, or teaching a class, they can access the same information as office workers, simply by checking their phones.

  8. A very secure place for all your secrets

    Whether you consider your internal information secrets or not, a lot of what happens in your organization should stay there. Away from prying eyes, or in the case of hackers, away from prying fingers. Anything stored in Google Drive is extra safe because of Google’s top-notch security. And if you’re using a secure Google based intranet, then you have the additional security layer simply by using Single Sign-on.


If these 8 reasons haven’t convinced you yet, here’s an extra one to sum it all up: A Google based intranet will make your life easier. And that certainly is what dreams are made of. Employees will love to use it and get work done thanks to it, that's why Happeo is designed to flawlessly integrate with Google Workspace. Happeo is the Google based intranet that employees actually love to use. You can book a personalized demo any time to find out more.