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Announcing 7 big new Happeo features

Announcing 7 big new Happeo features

Antero Hanhirova


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Fri, Jan 31, '20  

All good things come in threes. Whoever came up with that idea is just plain wrong. Why?

Because we have seven new, big features to announce. If you attended the Happeo customer summit, these features will sound familiar to you. We promised we would work on these and release them in the short term, so here we are. We’ll release another post on API connections soon, but until then, enjoy!


Bookmarking content (recommended package only)

Users will now have the ability to bookmark content, similar to how you bookmark a page on a site. This was a frequently-requested feature, and we can see why. Users can bookmark content such as Channels and Pages, as well as external links. This will give everyone a personalized overview of their favorite content, in Happeo. 


Hashtags full release (recommended package only)

No, this is not some millennial thing. Hashtags are our first steps into Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence within Happeo. Hashtagging content allows categories to be formed, and in the future, we aim to create automatic suggestions based on the unique language (in hashtags) your organization uses. But that’s for later. 

For now, hashtags are a great way to categorize content and find it quickly through our flexible search. We’re also working on analytics, so pretty soon you’ll be able to search for the language your organization uses. Introducing a new term? Then see how well it actually gets picked up. 


Ghostwriting (recommended package only)

Leadership is an important “Channel” for Internal Comms to deliver messages effectively. Like our analysis of

Gatehouse’s State of the Sector research shows, leadership visibility is still a big problem. We can’t directly help you get all of the management on your side, but we can help you with their main problem: they’re always busy. The good news: after they give you permission in Happeo, you will be able to post on their behalf. You can also send these posts for review by other users, just to get that four-eye check. 

Read more about Happeo's ghostwriting feature


Post approval workflows (recommended package only)

Some channels or specific posts require extra moderation. Information needs to be crafted delicately, and everyone should be on the same page. One of the easiest ways to get there is to have a colleague check what you’re doing. But what if that colleague can’t look at your screen because he or she isn’t sitting next to you? That’s where post approval comes in. With this feature, specific posts are put in review before going live. Posts in review can be commented upon, and designated “approvers” need to mark a post as good to go before it will go live.

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Revamped organizational chart

We took a look at the design of our org chart and decided we can make it even better. It’s now easier to navigate for large organisations or complex structures. We also added a full-screen mode, and very soon you’ll also be able to use the search functionality in it. 

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API (available in custom package or purchasable as an add-on)

We saved the best for last :) It took some time and diligent development, but we’re ready to release our API. This will allow partners (and potentially, IT departments) to build connections between Happeo and other systems. We showed an example integration with Twillio, an app that lets you make voice messages. Through the API bridge, those messages can then be posted into Happeo. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Think of HR System integrations, notifications when Sales wins a deal, accessing payslips – the sky is the limit. We’ll elaborate more on the API in an upcoming blog post, so watch this space. 

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Bonus: two more features

Announcement expirations and restrictions

When creating a new announcement, you can set the expiration date. After that, the announcement will no longer be pinned to users who have not read it. Another important adjustment: before, only post authors could see the announcement read/unread details. Now these details are also accessible to Channel editors. 

AwesomeTable integration

In Pages you can now add AwesomeTable widget, allowing you to select add them to a Page. Additionally, if you add an AwesomeTable url to a post or comment, you can interact with the AwesomeTable inside Happeo. Did we say "awesome" enough yet?!

Read more about Happeo's AwesomeTable integration


The future

We hope these five developments inspire you to lead Internal Comms as far into the future as you want to take it. We’re always open to suggestions (product board!) and would love to hear what you think. 

Already using Happeo and interested in these features? Contact your Customer Success manager :)