Awesome Table integration

What is Awesome Table and what does the integration do?

Awesome Table is a way to visualise data, create forms. Transform any plain and boring data into beautiful, dynamic, & functional views with our Awesome Table web app. You can read more about Awesome Table from here:

What does the integration do?

Our Awesome Table integration allows you to easily embed Awesome Table -tables to Pages and preview Awesome Table -tables in Posts and comments. You can start by opening copying an Awesome Table  -table and copying the url, then pasting that to a post or a comment. After you publish the post, you can preview the table inside Happeo.

In Pages, you can start by adding an Awesome Table -widget and selecting your Awesome Table. It is automatically resized to the widget.

Screenshot 2019-12-16 at 14.35.41

Screenshot 2019-12-16 at 14.35.02

Do I need a paid Awesome Table account?

Awesome Table is free up to a point. Just go to and start your trial.