12 Google Suite tips to save you time at work

Thu, Nov 22, '18 •

12 Google Suite tips to save you time at work

When we’re using Google’s services in the workplace, a simple shortcut can go a long way to saving time and increasing your productivity. This is why we have collated some of our favourite tips for using Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive and the rest of the big G’s suite of workplace products.


1. Still switching to your calendar tab?
When you get an invitation in Gmail, open the side panel and click on the calendar icon to see if you have any conflicting appointments on that day. You can also use the side panel to arrange new Google Calendar events.

2. Add to your presentation wherever you are.
While we’re talking about the side panel, did you know you can also drag and drop from Google Keep (Google’s mobile note-taking app) into a slide, doc or sheet? Just open the side panel and click the Google Keep icon. Now you won’t forget the great idea you had on the commute.


3. “Ok Google, do my work.”

For simple questions in Google Sheets, instead of using a formula you can search for it — in actual human words. Click ‘Explore’ in the bottom navigation bar, then type up your question to get an immediate answer.

This is the closest thing to wizardry when you want that number quickly.

4. Are bored faces the bane of your presentations?
Encourage a cognitive sprint with a question and answer session. Just start a presentation, then click ‘Start a Q&A’. Google will then show a URL on top of your presentation for people to visit and submit questions.

5. Get a headstart with your translations.
You can benefit from the convenience of Google Translate in Google Docs. Go to ‘Tools’ > ‘Translate document’ and select the new name for the document.

It's really that easy!

6. Can’t rescue the images from a Google Doc?
Sending a Google Doc with embedded images is a quick way to make the design team think less favourably of you. To solve this, simply go to ‘File’ > ‘Download as’ > then ‘Web Page (.html Zipped)’. You’ll then download a folder with all of the images in their full quality. Crisis averted.

7. Was the 10.35am version better than the one at 11.47am?
When you’re sharing a document with many other people, it can be hard to keep up with who has changed what, and why. This is where named revisions come in, In the version history panel on the right, click the menu button (three dots) then “Name this revision”.

8. Are you a voice-memo type of person?
You can use voice dictation immediately within Google Docs. Go to ‘Tools’ and then select ‘Voice typing’. Allow your browser to use your microphone and then you can just press the record button. There are also voice shortcuts you can use to add and remove punctuation to your document if you want to go completely hands-free.

9. Rage-resolving comments is now recoverable.
You can see all comments from a doc, even the ones that have been resolved. Just click on the comments icon next to ‘Share’ on the top menu bar and see a full history. It won’t change that annoying comment from your boss, though.

10. Is Tab City slowing you down?
If Chrome is dragging its feet, you might want to restart it – but what of your tabs?! To avoid losing everything you’ve been staring at for the past hour, go to the address bar and type in: chrome://restart then click enter. This will relaunch your browser, without sacrificing your perfectly crafted tab list.

tabsDo your tabs look like this? You're not alone. 

11. Start a new doc from your address bar.
This one saves a lot of clicks, especially if you utilize your Bookmarks Bar. To start a new doc, slide, or sheet: type in doc.new, slides.new, or sheets.new in your Chrome address bar. Now you have an easier way to get going when productivity strikes (and a way to impress your colleagues.)

12. Use Happeo Search for better results.
Search can take up to 20% of your time in the workplace. Use Happeo Search to get more accurate results across all your G Suite apps and find what you need to faster. 

searchSearch Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive as well as Happeo, all from one search bar. 

If you're interested in learning more about how to make your G Suite usage more efficient and collaborative as an organization, then you're in the right place! Check out how Randstad Sourceright did just that with their G Suite integration.


Jack Dunn


Thu, Nov 22, '18

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