The evolution of Happeo - making work a happier place under a new brand

The evolution of Happeo - making work a happier place under a new brand

Perttu Ojansuu


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Wed, Jul 18, '18  

Our clients and partners that have got to know us over the course of our journey would know that we are a passionate group of people, working hard every day to make everyone’s working experience, a better one.

We have always been focused on creating a platform that serves everyone in daily working life, and to help our clients in each way possible. This has always been in our employees’ hearts, and clients have thanked us for this approach in all matters.

When we were thinking the current journey as a company, we realized we always had a mission & purpose, but we didn’t really put it out there. A few months ago we started to review this and began wondering if there would there be a more accurate way to express who we are and what we are aiming to do. This process made us go even further than we initially knew.

Going beyond from platform-centricity to client-centricity

We have always been aiming to give the best user-experience ever. The product has been built from our soul, and our passion demonstrated in our actions. We truly believe that it has brought us to where we are today. Every new line of code written, product sketch made, and new client onboarded is bringing us closer to being able to fuel the future way of working for the world’s most innovative companies.

During the process of reviewing our mission statement we realized the current universal platform-centricity also needed the context of what we are aiming to do in the big picture – our vision, mission and purpose.

What we aim for

When we were thinking to present our true identity and values even more within our core brand, we came to a conclusion that everyone in our company wanted to unify and centralize disparate internal communications, entitle employees to have a voice and ultimately create a more informed, aware and engaged working world.

Creating a frictionless and seamless collaboration experience allows employees to feel a stronger sense of achievement, all while feeling more valuable and engaged with the company. When everyone can freely access the tools, information, updates and projects all in one digital community, so much more can be accomplished together.

Making work a happier place

This is why we felt our new name is a great way to show who we are. While we strive to create a seamless, intuitive and enjoyable working experience with our platform - we simultaneously empower businesses to do what they do, better. The end result of this streamlined workflow leads to happier employees, happier customers, and happier people: Happeo.

What will change for me?

Other than our name and visual identity, not a whole lot. Everything will work as always, nothing is changing within the app, you’ll just start seeing Happeo around a little bit more - if you still want to use Universe brand internally you can continue to do so. From Wednesday, we will rebrand our website, but you can still access it (and the app) from Our company vision, roadmap and focus remains the same - and we are working harder than ever to achieve our goals.

Eventually, we will be fully rebranding to Happeo, but we will communicate every step with you, and we will be using usage statistics to decide when we can start phasing out our old name without causing you any hassle. We’ll handle the process fully, so there will be no extra effort from you, and you can still rely on the same service, and team you have got to know.

If you have any questions, see our FAQ, or just email us at and we will get back to you asap.