7 Top Internal Communication trends you need to think about in 2022

7 Top Internal Communication trends you need to think about in 2022

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Sun, Oct 17, '21  

Gone are the days when workplace communication was carried through phone calls, emails, and instant messages.

Nowadays workplace communication trends are changing within the blink of an eye, while the impact of the Big Rona is here to stay in 2022.

To keep up in this unpredictable environment, it's essential to focus on how organizations communicate internally, as nearly 74% of the workers miss out on important company news. In the late 2021 phase, it is crucial to keep up with the upcoming trends to welcome the coming year effectively. How? 

Without further delay, let’s begin!  

What is Internal Communication in an organization?

Internal Communications (IC) keep the workforce informed and connected by sharing information. This helps employees do their job without facing any issues. Internal Communication keeps the information flow in the workplace between all departments. This approach keeps the employees up-to-date on every initiative and makes communication in the workplace clear. 

Why is communication important in the workplace?

Essentially, communication is what keeps organizations on the same track. Effective communication fosters a productive culture, while it helps managers assign the right task to the right team and increase overall efficiency. 

How large companies communicate with their employees

It’s good to figure out how enterprises communicate internally. In reality, the situation remains more challenging for them as employees’ strength grows considerably than other firms.  Surely all the companies make attempts towards the use of advanced technologies to communicate and engage their employees. And for a very long time, an intranet has been working as the true source to communicate, collaborate and improve the workflow. In a remote working culture, the focus on implementing the intranet system has increased. 


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Today the communication trends are rapidly upgrading to make their Internal Communication more potent.    

  • Focus on the formation of a clear strategy to better perform actionable insight into it

  • Emphasize using collaboration tools, project management tools, video conferencing tools, and instant messaging apps

  • Reduce internal emails to avoid overloaded mailboxes

  • Adopt digital solutions to share important information without creating silos 

  • Use videos to increase meeting effectiveness and training sessions. Use a meeting agenda template to increase overall efficiency 

  • Implement knowledge-sharing tools to keep employees informed     

Key messages to learn from Internal Communication trends 2021

The hit of the COVID-19 pandemic is so strong that companies even realize its effect in 2021. To eliminate it, they put more effort into delivering their messages properly, taking real-time updates, and notifying policy changes to their employees using different platforms.

Some focus on developing a sustainable workplace, while others fast-track digital transformation adoption to continue the flow of information with their employees to mitigate the impact of this pandemic. 

All these approaches led to better valuing the need for Internal Communication in the workplace. Still, the unpredictable nature continues; therefore, businesses tighten their shoelaces to keep ahead in the race. 

The statistics below show the current situation of Internal Communication:

Leading Internal Communication trends to watch out for in 2022

In the wake of coronavirus crises and their impact on all businesses, now many companies are shifting their concern towards bringing more effectiveness in their Internal Communication. 

The valuable lessons comprehended from the year 2021 guide to better focus on Internal Communications for the subsequent year. 

    1. Increase in mobile-based communication

      With the passage of distant and distributive working culture, the mode of communication is changing drastically. Due to such a flexible and new working mode, the need to establish a more simplified and intuitive interface for the workers to communicate is generated.   

      Mobile applications are the future of workplace communication that is indeed required to form continuous connectivity internally. Moreover, as today’s workplace is accomplished with millennials and Gen Z, the tech-savvy employees require speedy communication channels.

      This led to ample transformation in the Internal Communication methods that were previously limited to emails, phone calls, and meetings. With such dedicated communication, employees can easily share and get the latest company updates.  

    2. Continuous focus on employees' well-being

      Big Rona's drastic impact will stretch into 2022 as well. In this situation, the need to support employee well-being is crucial to avoid burnout. Having stressed and burnout employees can only bring tons of disadvantageous results, including disengagement, decrease in productivity, and high turnover. Due to the pandemic, mental health and safety concerns have also been generated – about 51% of employees said that their mental health got worse since the beginning of COVID-19. 

      As a result, HR managers needed to bring more innovative tactics to lower employee stress levels and improve connectivity with the company. As stated by factoHR, 91% of the employees feel motivated if their managers care about their well-being. To upscale employees’ well-being offerings, virtual tools, feedback surveys, portals on the intranet, or employee assistance programs that let employees feel supportive for approaching when required can work. 

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  1. Turning HR leaders into (better) communicators 

    An essential and inevitable Internal Communication trend to look for in the year 2022 is the transformation of all the leaders like managers, senior authorities into better and effective communicators. 

    As HR is the sole identity that handles all the employee-related concerns, the primary focus relies on them. With the continuation of so many challenges and changes in the working approaches due to the pandemic, the need to wear the hat of effective communicators rises. As per the Edelman Trust Barometer report, the CEO possesses the last rank to deliver an outstanding job based on the demands placed on them due to the pandemic. With this result, it is even more crucial to emphasize being a more effective communicator to form an effective communication channel with the employees.  

    To be approachable communicators, HR professionals have to come up with time devotion tactics to give proper attention to the workforce. Further, they need to frame innovative ways to let the employees consider them as an informative source to approach for getting necessary details.  

  2. HR putting more effort into recognizing employees' efforts

    Recognition is the most appreciable word to hear from the employers for the employees. This is a continuing trend that undoubtedly will continue in the coming time as well. Doing so gives “n” numbers of benefits that upscales the overall performance. 

    By recognizing employees,  you keep the workforce motivated to aim for the best. HR managers should listen to their people, implement their feedback, and recognize their achievements. This trend acts as one of the most delicate approaches to bring more enthusiasm inside the team to perform their job.

  3. An emphasis on employee experience

    Employee experience is an inseparable part of employee communication trends as it lets them be involved, connect and remain informed about the organization. It's a trending aspect that every HR department considers to focus on for the last few years. 

    In 2022 employee experience will take the front seat and companies will have to find ways to provide it. This trend will lead to more positivity in the workplace and making each workforce interaction memorable.

  4. Lateral communication

    Lateral communication, a.k.a horizontal communication, is the mode of communication in which the information is shared among peers working in the same or different departments. The primary focus of such communication is for better coordination and sharing of information, problem-solving, and building rapport.

    Lateral communication makes teamwork more potent by making collaboration fruitful. This trend will take considerable importance in the coming year, where managers have to focus on peer-to-peer collaboration by motivating and pushing them towards team communication. 

  5. Visualization as communication mode

Visualization is surely going to set the biggest trend for the year 2022. Visual content can wake up the employees-engagement rate as the human brain is more perceivable towards visuals than texts. That’s why today, the use of GIFs, screenshots, and videos is in so much demand to use.

As per Techsmith’s report, organizations that use visual communication can unlock $167 billion in productivity yearly. Now think how beneficial it remains to use it in your workplace. All the efforts made to develop a visual communication channel will assure that the workforce is actually in connection with the information you shared.


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Internal Communication to spur in 2022

For every organization, communication is everything that significantly affects their future success. From 2020 Internal Communication has taken a sudden grip by transforming it from "the fluffy department" into an instant one.

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