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Happeo’s new Mobile App: the fastest way to navigate critical intranet content, directly from your pocket

Happeo’s new Mobile App: the fastest way to navigate critical intranet content, directly from your pocket

12 mins read

Thu, Mar 7, '24  

On March 28, we are launching a new Happeo Mobile App with enhanced navigation, streamlined notification management, and access to Federated Search for a dynamic on-the-go experience. Scroll down and see what you can expect from the new app.

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This isn't merely an update; we’ve heard your feedback and created a brand-new Mobile App from the ground up. With enhanced functionality and an intuitively redesigned interface, users can now enjoy a seamless on-the-go experience.

Though the new Mobile App will be available starting March 28, if you don’t want to switch immediately, don’t worry. We’ll keep the old App live until July 1, at which point it will be deprecated.

Please make sure your users download the new App before then. We recommend that, as an admin, you get familiar with the new Mobile App the moment it’s available and then choose your timelines for the switch accordingly.

The new App will be available in the App Store and Google Play, regardless of which package you’re on. To ensure a smooth transition, we’ll notify users within the old app that the new app has launched. We expect these banners to be up shortly after launch.

Here are some key dates to keep in mind:

  • 28 March - The new Mobile App is available to download in the App Store and Google Play
  • 1 June - The old Mobile App can no longer be downloaded
  • 7 June - Users will see a banner in the old app notifying them that the app will no longer work from 1st July on
  • 1 July - The old Mobile App is deprecated and will no longer work

If you have a custom mobile app

If you have a custom mobile app, we will be reaching out to you personally as the way these are deployed depends on the organization. We will work with you to make that transition as smooth as possible.

Key benefits of Happeo’s new Mobile App:

On-the-go experience

The new Happeo App was designed from the ground up for on-the-go content consumption. Enjoy seamless navigation that allows for a smoother transition between the App sections. Simply swipe through the content and enjoy the experience explicitly made for two-thumb usage.

Expanded access to critical information

Experience the power of (previously-desktop-only) Federated Search with Integrations from your Mobile App. Users will no longer have to wait until they’re at their laptops – all the information they need is just a few taps away. On top of that, they can find all the files, documents, and other content hosted in Pages and Posts. That includes support for Page widget types such as custom apps and the Marketplace Apps. 

The fastest way to navigate news and updates

Never miss a beat with our robust, notification management system. Enjoy a clutter-free and intuitive notification dashboard that conveniently groups your updates by notification type. The new app also takes notification settings to the next level by enabling you to set the priority of your subscribed Channels directly from the app.

Future-proof with a seamless cross-device experience

No more waiting for features to catch up! Built on the same state-of-art technology as your favorite consumer apps, Happeo’s new mobile app delivers updates faster than ever, ensuring a smooth transition between desktop and mobile for all the features crucial to the on-the-go intranet experience.

What can you expect from the new Mobile App

Have a look at our video or read more about the updates below.

  • Landing page with enhanced usability
  • Categorized notification management
  • Access to Federated Search with Integrations

Read more about these updates below.

Mobile Before & After - Homepage (1)

(before and after)

Landing page with enhanced usability

We're excited to introduce a streamlined landing page layout that now displays your unread Notifications above My Stream, ensuring users have quick access to their latest notifications and updates all in one place. Additionally, we've made the Search bar’s Quick filters much more prominent, making it easier for users to narrow their (now federated) search with just a few taps.

Mobile Before & After - Notifications (1)

(before and after)

Streamlined notification management

The notifications are now conveniently grouped by type (posts, mentions, announcements, etc.), ensuring a more streamlined user experience. We're also excited to introduce our "mark all as read" function to the app, providing users with a quick and convenient way to get all notifications out of the way with a single action. If needed, users can access and review past notifications in a new dedicated Notification History section.

Mobile Before & After - Search 2 (1)

(before and after)

Access to Federated Search with Integrations

We’re introducing the powerful Federated Search functionality of our desktop experience to our new app, making the process of finding content from across various platforms as seamless as possible. Whether you're looking for a post in Happeo, a document stored in Drive, or a conversation in Slack, our new app will  quickly and seamlessly locate the information you need.

Make sure to authorize your integrations in the Mobile App

Happeo’s integration authorization is both user and device-based, therefore Happeo Integrations will require authorization on mobile, even if they were previously authorized on desktop. Users can do it by accessing User Settings - Integration Settings in the Mobile App. Federated Search Connectors that are enabled in your organization, need to be enabled from the Search panel itself – similar to how you would do this on the Desktop app. For more on the functionality of the new Mobile App, including integrations, check the Help Center.

Get ready for an exceptional on-the-go experience with Happeo’s new Mobile App coming March 28.