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Hunting for Easter Eggs: How We Launched Our New Mobile App at Happeo 🥚🐇📱

Hunting for Easter Eggs: How We Launched Our New Mobile App at Happeo 🥚🐇📱

Madina Baikulova

4 mins read

Tue, May 7, '24  

Rolling out a new technology doesn’t have to be boring, or a forced activity. It’s time to get creative about how you can get creative in the launch of your new mobile intranet within your organization.

The launch of Happeo’s new mobile app was one of the most impactful updates we’ve ever released. We were very excited to share the app with our customer community and see the impact it will have on users’ on-the-go intranet experience.

And, of course, we couldn’t wait to use the new app ourselves and wanted to make this launch extra special. Our team made sure to prepare a dedicated launch campaign for our employees, and the results speak for themselves.

Read on to learn what Easter eggs have to do with Happeo’s mobile app launch, and how you can replicate this or a similar fun engagement activity within your own organization.

Step 1. Preparation - Scattering the eggs 🍳

As a springtime spin on our new launch, a few of our employees took an interesting task upon themselves: to scatter Easter eggs in our mobile app. More practically, they had to insert the image of one of our egg-cellent team members into various Channels, Pages, and People profiles in our Happeo (see some examples below).

The task for the rest of the team would be to help our Internal Comms (IC) manager collect those eggs throughout the following two weeks. In order to do that, they’d need to screenshot each egg they found in the app and send it in a message to the IC manager. That way, we’d get our team members to use the app and explore its improved navigation.  


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Step 2. Campaign launch - The Easter Egg Hunt Begins 🤩

The team announced the launch of the new mobile app during our company weekly meeting the weekend before Easter. After giving a quick overview of the new app, we ensured that everyone was all ears and announced a contest.

Here’s the quick story that was shared: “Our internal comms manager lost quite a few Easter eggs around our mobile app and needs help collecting those eggs over the next two weeks. Every egg counts as one entry to the contest, and each egg found serves as an entry into the contest. More entries - more chances to win the secret prize.”

On the day of the campaign launch, we saw a 164% spike in the number of users on the new app.

Step 3. Keep the excitement up 🔥

Needless to say, the idea worked. Our internal comms team spent the next couple of weeks receiving countless messages from our employees with screenshots of the Easter eggs and marking down entries as they poured in.

Throughout these two weeks, we also shared updates on the leaderboard. These updates not only fostered a sense of competition but also boosted the engagement surrounding the contest.


Step 4. Announcing the winners 👀

Two weeks later, it was the moment everyone had been waiting for: in another weekly meeting, it was time to announce the results, and of course, the three winners of the contest. 

This was truly an exciting moment to share with everyone (and I’m not saying it because I was one of the three winners).

Key results

So, what did we achieve with this launch campaign? Let’s look at the numbers:

  • We doubled the user count on Apple devices.
  • 2 weeks after the start of our campaign, we saw 90% of our app users to be on the new app.
  • The user count on the new app is 20% higher than the all-time highest we’ve had on the old app.
  • On the day of the campaign, we had a 164% increase in users on the new app compared to the day before.
  • A week post-campaign we still saw total users at 3 times as high as the average daily users of the old app.


This, of course, is not the only way you can launch a mobile intranet to your users. There are so many other ways to get employees excited and to help ensure the rollout process goes smoothly for you and your users.

If your organization has frontline, deskless, or employees on-the-go, a mobile intranet can change the way everyone works together and the business altogether.

Learn more about the power of a mobile intranet in our new guide: 

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