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The Happeo Mobile App Had a Glow Up: Here Are The Changes to Look Forward to

The Happeo Mobile App Had a Glow Up: Here Are The Changes to Look Forward to

Cara Heimbaugh

4 mins read

Fri, Apr 12, '24  

Happeo is unwavering in our commitment to continuous improvement. We firmly believe that the most valuable insights come from our customers, and your feedback has been the driving force behind the exciting new features we're unveiling for our mobile app. Our development team has been hard at work implementing changes that address your needs, streamline your workflow, and make mobile experience more intuitive and efficient. 

Here’s what you can look forward to:

Powerful Search

A recurring theme in your feedback highlighted the desire for a seamless search experience encompassing not just the intranet, but all your essential tools and file storage solutions. We've addressed this by introducing our powerful  Federated Search feature. This functionality empowers you to find content from both your intranet and external integrations like Google Drive, Slack, and more – all within the secure confines of the app, and without the need for additional app installations. This streamlined approach eliminates the need to toggle between applications and login credentials, creating an environment of heightened efficiency and focus.

Enhanced Notification Management

Information overload can be a significant distraction to productivity. You expressed a clear need for a more organized approach to notifications. We have responded by implementing a grouped notifications system that conveniently categorizes your alerts, cutting through the noise and delivering information that truly matters. Gone are the days of being bombarded with irrelevant updates. Grouped notifications place the spotlight on critical information, allowing you to maintain laser focus and stay on top of your most impactful tasks.

Granular Control Over Your Notifications

We've taken notification management to the next level. Customers requested the ability to manage notifications as read/unread, and we've delivered. With enhanced notification controls, you can now not only mark all notifications as read, but also flag individual posts as unread for future reference. This empowers you to curate your notification feed with precision, prioritizing information based on your unique needs and schedule.

An App Built to For Stability

We understand that you rely on our app to function with the utmost reliability, and we take that responsibility seriously. We rebuilt the Happeo app using React Native, the state of the art technology that powers many top consumer apps that we use every day.  With a more robust technical backbone, you can be sure that the app will seamlessly keep pace with the future and your developing workflows and ever-changing needs.

Seamless and Secure In-App Experience

Clicks outside the app can disrupt your workflow and introduce potential security vulnerabilities. We've addressed this by ensuring all links open directly within the app itself. This fosters a smooth, uninterrupted experience while keeping you within the app's secure environment. 

A User-Centric Interface

We understand the importance of a user-friendly experience. You requested a more intuitive mobile interface, and we've completely revamped the app's design and navigation. Our unwavering focus on simplicity and ease of use ensures you can locate the information you need with minimal effort. A clean and intuitive design translates to less time spent hunting for information and more time spent being productive.

Bookmarking for Streamlined Retrieval

Never lose track of critical posts again. Stemming from user feedback, we've added bookmarking features to the app. Now you can effortlessly save and organize content for quick retrieval later. Whether it's a critical announcement, a helpful resource, or an ongoing project update, bookmarking allows you to curate your own personalized knowledge base within the app for easy reference.

Independent Mobile Sessions: Freedom from Desktop Dependence

We've addressed the frustration of unexpected logouts due to desktop session expirations. With our new update, mobile sessions now function independently of desktop sessions. This significantly reduces logouts and enhances your overall mobile experience. Now you can seamlessly switch between your desktop and mobile device without the worry about being logged out mid-task.

Custom Widgets for a Richer Content Experience

You requested more flexibility in how you consume content within the app, so our developers have ensured that the app now supports custom widgets like accordions, further enriching the user experience and offering more dynamic and engaging ways to interact with information. Custom widgets empower you to personalize your information consumption and optimize your experience for maximum efficiency.

We are tremendously excited about these updates and believe they represent a significant leap forward in making our mobile app the most user-friendly, efficient, and a secure way to navigate critical information on-the-go.

You can learn more about the Happeo mobile app in our Help Center, or request your own Happeo demo.

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