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Manage your business-critical documents with Google Team Drives and Happeo

Manage your business-critical documents with Google Team Drives and Happeo

Perttu Ojansuu


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Fri, Jan 27, '17  

Back in September Google announced the launch of the early adopter program for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). We’re already working hard to integrate this exciting new product into Happeo, and several clients and partners have asked us what this development means for them.

Soon, all Happeo users will be able to take advantage of Team Drive’s many benefits, including easier file sharing across their organization and more granular access controls over the content contained in shared folders. Team Drives is going to be a fantastic new addition to Happeo.

Team Drives with Happeo Channels and Pages

Integrating Team Drives with Happeo will help you get even better value from Happeo by enhancing the experience for two of our cornerstone features: Channels, and the Happeo Pages CMS.

Let’s look at how linking your Team Drives folder to a specific Happeo Channel will make working with team files even easier. You’ll be able to link a Team Drives folder to Happeo in exactly the same way as a regular Google Drive folder. Once the folder is linked, a team can easily find and discuss specific content.

All the existing Happeo functionalities, like reviewing files and creating posts from files will work in exactly the same way as with a regular Drive. Happeo also handles access control for your Team Drives in sync with Google Workspace. When selecting a new Team Drives folder, Happeo shares the folder automatically with Channel participants according to their user rights.

Keeping everyone up to date with Happeo Pages

Now let’s take a look at how Team Drives and Happeo Pages complement each other. You can make sure everyone has access to the latest versions of important documents like company policies and marketing materials by linking a Team Drives folder to your static intranet page. All you need to do is add the Drive widget to the desired Pages collection and select the Team Drives folder you want to display.

Team ownership helps keep your data safe

The Team Drives integration will help you keep pace with the rapid changes that can happen in teams and get even more value from Happeo and Google Workspace. We’re currently testing the integration and aim to roll it out in Q1 2017 for customers who are interested.

We’re continuously developing Happeo in line with the Google Workspace and Cloud roadmap to help our customers get maximum value from their investment, so stay tuned for more exciting integrations in 2017!

The new Google Team Drives gives you better control over your data by transferring ownership and management from individuals to teams. If a person leaves a team, the files they create and own don’t leave with them. What’s more, there are more advanced access controls to prevent team members from accidentally removing or deleting important files needed by others.

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