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How social collaboration platforms put power back in the hands of employees

How social collaboration platforms put power back in the hands of employees

Jonathan Davies


See how an intranet works

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Mon, Jan 16, '17  

When your employees are further ahead on the technology curve than you are, it's high time to show them that you're really listening.The MyGroupChantelle project, of which Happeo is an integral part, is rooted in the desire to put the power of information and collaboration back in the hands of our employees. We wanted to eliminate the barriers to productivity and interactive collaboration through a modern, cloud-based approach where people, not technology, were the driving force behind the change.

Don't let technology hold you back

Modern working life can be stressful enough without your IT tools holding your business back. In any organization that relies on IT, employees face challenges with their tools on a daily basis. Consider the battle to beat email inertia and reach the top of your inbox mountain: or how about the time wasted struggling to work out what information is important and what isn’t? And that’s without mentioning the hours spent trying to track down that file or this folder. What’s more, attracting new talent and keeping employees satisfied means having your ear to the ground and recognizing that the kinds of tools they use in their personal lives are popular for a reason: they’re simple, interactive, and they encourage genuine interactions that add value.

Ready to empower your employees?

It’s my view that the enterprises that will survive through the next decade will be the ones that have listened to their employees and aligned their IT practices with what is going on in the wider world. Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, business IT was far in advance of what consumers had access to. It was the dawn of the affordable smartphone, and later cloud technologies, that completely changed the game. We have reached the point where tasks like sharing a document, checking calendar schedules, or creating and maintaining group discussions are easier with publicly available systems and technologies. As a result, people can become frustrated, and ultimately, demotivated at work.

It’s for these reasons that I believe that a social intranet can empower employees and reap the rewards that lie in the sweet spot between bottom-up and top-down communication.