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7 key benefits of corporate intranets

7 key benefits of corporate intranets

Jonathan Davies


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Fri, Nov 18, '22  

If you used a corporate intranet in the ‘90s or early ‘00s, the concept probably doesn’t fill you with joy. Those old systems were often clunky, confusing, and just plain unpleasant to navigate. 

But we’ve come a long way from those dusty old programs that nobody wanted to use, and today’s corporate intranets are a different breed entirely. They’re engaging, aesthetically pleasing, and come packed with features that make collaboration a breeze. 

Read on for seven benefits of corporate intranets and some real-life intranet use cases that show just how powerful these systems can be. 

But first, a quick definition…

What is a corporate intranet? 

A corporate intranet is a secure network that’s only accessible to people inside an organization. Its main purpose is to provide a space for employees to share files, communicate, and collaborate. Corporate intranets are particularly valuable in today’s world of remote and hybrid work, where colleagues need tools to work together effectively from a distance. 

Why do you need a corporate intranet? 7 key benefits

Here are seven benefits that the best corporate intranets can bring to an organization: 

Boosts employee engagement

Corporate intranets allow employees to get to know each other, even when they’re miles apart. This helps them to feel connected to their organization, improving engagement and even boosting retention. 

Every intranet is different, but the best ones come with social, collaborative features like shared channels, posts and reactions, which help to connect everyone together. 

Promotes better communication

The best corporate intranets allow employees on all levels to share posts, comments and articles, promoting a culture of open communication across the board. 

Many solutions also come with integrations with tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams, so you can ping a message to a coworker right from within your intranet platform. Basically, your intranet is your all-in-one tool for better, more effective communication. 

Enables information sharing

A corporate intranet is the perfect place for employees to store, share, and access information. Everything from corporate policies to shared calendars to your employee directory can (and should) be stored in your corporate intranet. 

This way, your employees will always know where to look for the info they need — with no more hunting through shared drives or scrolling through pages of emails to find that one attachment.

Increases productivity

Have you ever had an important job to do but got distracted looking for the right version of a document? Or had to switch tabs to respond to a message from a colleague — and ended up totally sidetracked?

When everything from your communication tools to the important files and information you need is in one place, life gets a lot easier. In other words, a corporate intranet is the key to a more productive, streamlined, and peaceful work life. 

Includes powerful search capabilities

According to a McKinsey report, the average employee spends about 20% of their work week searching for and gathering information. Not only is this annoying, it’s a huge waste of your employees’ time. 

The best corporate intranet solutions come with powerful universal search functionality, which allows you to search across emails, your intranet platform, and your shared drives, all at the same time — so your employees can find the files they need in seconds. 

Provides enhanced security

Employee data, customer records, top-secret business strategies… Almost every company has to handle a certain amount of confidential information. And a good corporate intranet provides a safe and secure place to store it. 

With Happeo, for example, all data is securely housed in Google Cloud, so you benefit from top-quality security protocols. You can also set up access controls to make sure only the right people see the most sensitive parts of your intranet.  

Cuts down on emails

Receiving emails constantly can take you out of the flow of work, interrupt your thought processes and generally derail your day — but a corporate intranet can help. 

Using an intranet means switching from an ask culture to a search culture. Put simply, your colleagues won’t need to bombard each other with emails, because they can simply search for the info they need instead.   

How do businesses use corporate intranets? 

To help you understand how an intranet solution can help an organization, here are some examples of how real customers have achieved success through Happeo’s corporate intranet solution. 

To facilitate mergers

Inspire Education Group is an organization formed by a merger between two colleges. Seeing the merger as an opportunity to deploy new and more efficient communication methods, the group launched Happeo’s corporate intranet as a way to connect the two formerly separate entities together. 

With Happeo, ISG hoped to reduce the number of internal emails sent, decrease the time spent searching for information, and improve the visibility of their leadership — a key challenge in education. 

With Happeo, the group was able to connect everyone together by sharing important content and leveraging the power of their strong organizational culture. 

To transition to a remote-first model

At the end of 2020, ActivTrak was preparing to become a remote-first company. The company needed a tool that would allow their employees to communicate and collaborate at a distance. They also needed to keep hold of their company culture — which can be challenging in a remote environment.

Using Happeo, ActivTrak created an organized knowledge base where people could collaborate remotely and find information. They also made the most of Happeo’s social features by encouraging employees to get to know each other — even when they had never met face to face. 

To unite global teams

Riwal is a global company with 2600 employees spread across 75 offices in 16 countries. The company needed a platform to unite its workforce, which includes a large number of deskless workers like truck drivers and technicians.

With Happeo, Riwal was able to connect its whole workforce together thanks to the platform’s integration with Google Translate, which allows employees of all nationalities to share moments of connection with their colleagues across the world. Thanks to Happeo’s mobile app, Riwal has also been able to connect with its deskless workforce. 

To improve cross-department communication

MINT Dentistry is a consortium of over 60 dental practices in the Dallas and Houston areas. The company sought out Happeo as a solution to choppy communications and a feeling of disengagement among employees, who generally didn’t feel connected to their colleagues at different locations. 

Since launching its Happeo corporate intranet, MINT Dentistry has seen a huge increase in engagement, both within teams and across different departments. The org chart helps employees to understand how everyone fits together, while features like post comments and reactions provide everyone with a familiar, social-media-like experience. 

See a corporate intranet in action

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