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Big Bang: Happeo announces a new integration with Microsoft 365

Big Bang: Happeo announces a new integration with Microsoft 365

Jonathan Davies


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8 mins read

Wed, Jun 22, '22  

Happeo has always been the market-leading intranet for fast-moving companies that need a central source of truth for Google Workspace-based organizations. But now it’s expanding its capabilities. Happeo is proud to announce its integration with Microsoft 365, becoming fully agnostic.

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace organizations now have the definitive solution to solve their information chaos. In other words: Happeo will integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365 to create a digital home where employees can access the tools, knowledge, and news they need to do their best work. 

Scaling brings a growing volume of information, and a growing number of employees. At the same time, organizations use many different tools that each host their own “piece of the pie” to your collective knowledge. Happeo integrates Microsoft 365’s tools in a connected digital HQ where everything is centralized. 

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Today, employees spend 20% of their work week looking for information, asking colleagues for resources, and filtering for relevant news in the vast amounts of messages that fly across various channels. As a result, productivity goes down, while misalignment builds up.

Then there’s files. Looking for the right document or constantly coming across the wrong version can be a nightmare. Content shared in Teams gets lost, and often people work with outdated files. Unfortunately, SharePoint doesn't help much with the information overload and employees get stuck in "can't get anything done"-mode. 

What can Happeo change for Microsoft 365-based organizations?

Happeo’s native integration with Microsoft 365 is here to provide Microsoft users with a connected digital experience, organizing files so you’re always on top of them. As easy as embedding Microsoft files into Happeo Pages and Channels: Happeo will always show the most up-to-date version of your files, in an environment that’s rich in context. Rather than just a folder, your files can live next to text, imagery and videos that explain why they’re here, what they’re for and how it will help your people. 

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive. Happeo entered the Microsoft ecosystem to provide central access to all tools, news, and knowledge for your people to do their jobs in the hybrid workplace. Need to contact a colleague? Start a chat or a Teams call directly from the user’s Happeo card. Adoption is made easy since your people will be able to work with their favorite Microsoft 365 tools. 

In addition, users and access management can be managed via Azure AD and Microsoft SSO, so admins do not need to manually add individuals to share content and information with relevant participants.

A searchable Microsoft intranet platform

Managing knowledge is essential to collaborating. Happeo’s Enterprise Search facilitates a shift from an “Ask” to a “Search” culture, finding content across all your tools. Instead of asking a colleague, just ask Happeo. From a user’s individual OneDrive or Outlook emails, to a Happeo Channel or Page, Happeo’s Universal Search will show you all the results in seconds.

Happeo’s Federated Search takes this a step further. It lets you look for information in Confluence, Slack, Jira, Zendesk, and even SharePoint files, to provide the best-in-class search experience across an ever-expanding catalog of popular third-party tools.


Happeo helps your company growth with confidence 

Having everyone on the same page is crucial for your scaling strategy. Happeo builds a personalized homepage and streams relevant news, data, and information curated from different sources. Teams can use Happeo’s Pages as a departmental hub that enables them to share knowledge and facilitate your onboarding process. Employees also have a place to connect, give feedback, and share ideas in Happeo’s Channels. A space for everyone to communicate and target the right people with the right news, so nobody misses what’s important.

Happeo makes it easy to launch your new platform, quickly. We move fast without disrupting your existing processes. How? Happeo is that easy to use. 

The intranet for fast-moving companies

By becoming an agnostic intranet, Happeo brings structure to information chaos, helps keep everyone up-to-date, and becomes a window into the information that lives across your toolstack. As a planned next step, companies who have both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace will soon have access to the same platform, making centralizing information simple even when you use different toolstacks. Want to find out more about Happeo’s integration with Microsoft 365? Book a free personalized demo today.