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Trends for Mastering Internal Content in 2024

Wondering how you can make the internal content in your company more impactful in 2024? Want to help give employees an easy, fast, and consistent way to get answers and stay productive? Psst... it's the content.

Join our exclusive webinar, and you'll get:

  • Hands-on advice from experts at Decathlon and ATB Financial on how to maximize the impact of your internal content in 2024 🚀
  • Channels used by market leaders to share internal content and reach the right audiences
  • Tips on how to audit your internal content and measure its impact
  • Q&A with our experts

Tips and Q&A with industry-leading experts

Happeo | Webinar speaker

Nekolina Lau
Managing Director, Strategic Communication at ATB Financial

Fuelled by Earl Grey tea, Nekolina Lau is a strategic communication professional and trained coach. With nearly two decades in the communication profession, Nekolina has honed her skills across many industries, from banking and tech to government and oil and gas. Over the past ten years, she’s sharpened her focus on internal and executive leader communication, advancing communication strategies that drive business results. It’s Nekolina’s passion for internal communication and sharing her knowledge and expertise in this space that brought her to the Happeo panel. 

Happeo | Webinar speaker

Anna Muszyńska
Internal Communications Leader at Decathlon

Fitness athlete with black belt in generative thinking and problem-solving. Anna Muszyńska is the Internal Communications Leader at Decathlon Belgium, specializing in Change Management. Anna has been working at Decathlon internationally for 8 years with different responsibilities, including retail management, process optimization, and company vision. For 2.5 years, responsible for operational and strategic Internal Communications in Belgium to provide seamless, one-source, data-driven, personalized DTX and reach company objectives. 

Happeo | Webinar speaker

Jonathan Davies
Product Marketing Lead at Happeo

Jonathan Davies has a rich background in modern B2B marketing, with a focus on Internal Communications and HR tech. He has a fascination for the way that modern organizations operate, having seen both the traditional and the cutting-edge. His goal? To get companies to understand the way you communicate and manage knowledge internally is not a tick-the-box exercise – it’s a competitive advantage.