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On-demand webinar

Digital Internal Comms Strategies: from Healthcare to HealthTech

Watch our webinar and get tips from experts on how to revolutionize Internal Comms in Healthcare and HealthTech organizations! 

Tina Jacobs



Salome Bidaux



Jonathan Davies

Internal Comms Journalist • Happeo


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Watch our exclusive webinar and you'll get:

• Hands-on strategic advice on maximizing your IC strategy through digital channels: viewpoints from IT and HR
• A discovery of the similarities and differences between traditional Healthcare and HealthTech
•  Expert opinions on cutting-edge approaches to Internal Comms in those industries
• A space to ask your questions and get advice on front-line worker communication, high-growth challenges and communication strategies 


Don't miss this exciting opportunity to hear from the leading Internal Comms experts!

The experts:

Tina Jacobs manages the Cloud system and all IT data at Emergency Physicians of Tidewater (EPT) from her office in Norfolk, Virginia. She successfully introduced Happeo into their culture and recently became a Google Workspace Super Admin. Tina’s mission is dedicated to guiding emergency room physicians into achieving better communication and collaboration in the workplace, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Salome Bidaux is People Success Strategy Manager at Doctolib, one of the leading HealthTech companies in France. Passionate about innovation and design thinking, Salome has also been supporting companies in their transformation projects by giving an emphasis to change management.

Jonathan Davies is Happeo's Internal Communication Journalist. He has a rich background in content and communications management, with a focus on Internal Communications and HR tech. He leads Happeo's editorial content, hosts the Internal Communications Podcast and is the co-author of Mike Klein's research series on The Present and Future of Internal Communications. His goal? To kickstart a revolution in Internal Communication, fueled by a deep understanding of strategy, the modern marketplace – and technology.