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On-demand webinar

ClearBox independent intranets research report

Curious to know what the best intranets are? Join our exclusive webinar!

ClearBox recently announced their new report - Independent Intranets 2021, which researches, analyzes, and scores all intranet providers that matter in the industry today. 

Suzie Robinson



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Join Happeo and our guest Suzie Robinson, one of the authors of the ClearBox report, for a webinar where Suzie will share her expert insights into the intranet vendor space, as well as:

• An exclusive overview of the Independent Intranets report - one of the most comprehensive intranets vendor reviews
• Hands-on advice on how to choose the best intranet for your company
• Current intranet industry trends where Suzie looks at where the industry is headed in the coming years 
• A space to ask your questions and get advice on the ways to align your Internal Comms in 2021 with a suitable intranet 

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to hear from the leading intranet experts!

The experts:

Suzie Robinson has a focus on employee experience and engagement, along with deep knowledge of intranet products and employee apps. Suzie has practical experience with all aspects of an intranet lifecycle, from research, to implementation, to ongoing governance, and overall strategy. Suzie’s intranet experience has grown out of the roots of Internal Communications, so she has a focus on employee experience and engagement, plus strong content. Remote and difficult to reach users were often the core user-base for the intranets Suzie managed, so she has extensive experience at finding ways to engage and connect a broad audience range.

Jonathan Davies is Happeo's Internal Communication Journalist. He has a rich background in content and communications management, with a focus on Internal Communications and HR tech. He leads Happeo's editorial content, hosts the Internal Communications Podcast and is the co-author of Mike Klein's research series on The Present and Future of Internal Communications. His goal? To kickstart a revolution in Internal Communication, fueled by a deep understanding of strategy, the modern marketplace – and technology.