Social intranet for healthy communications

Healthcare organizations face many challenges these days — inefficient communications shouldn't be one of them. Happeo makes sure your staff is always connected and up-to-date by combining the best of intranets and collaboration platforms. Let us save your communications while you save lives.  

Happeo, the social intranet
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo, the social intranet

Challenge: outdated communication platforms

Solution: modern all-in-one social intranet

Make sure your people are connected, whether they work from behind a computer, or spend their days consulting with patients. Happeo is a social intranet, knowledge management, and people directory in one. Share the value of building a connected workforce. With Happeo you can:

  • Participate in discussions and knowledge sharing in Happeo Channels
  • Notify your employees of urgent or time-sensitive matters
  • Empower your employees to create content with Happeo's user-first design

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Challenge: changes in regulations and technology

Solution: one centralized hub to keep track of everything

Avoid the chaos of constant changes in regulations. Happeo brings resource management in healthcare to a new level. It keeps information clear, accessible, and up to date for everyone. No matter how fast and often processes change, Happeo is one hub for all.

  • Keep track of all company updates with Happeo notifications and reminders
  • Use Happeo Pages as a centralized hub for all policies and regulations
  • Easily access document editing and sharing with Happeo's deep Google Workspace integration

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Happeo, the social intranet
Happeo, the social intranet

More challenges of healthcare companies

Alignment, cultural unity, onboarding, intranet adoption 


A strong asset for Healthcare organizations that brings your people together

The all-in-one social intranet, knowledge base, productivity platform, Internal Communications tool and people directory – seamlessly integrated with Google Workspace.

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Deep analytics

Get those all-important actionable insights from your digital communications.

Single source of truth

Empower your employees with the information they need, in one convenient place.

Make people visible

Put your org-chart in the hands of everyone. Connect with people location, skill set, department and more.

Open communications

Keep your talent happy with the ability to post, comment, tag, and seamlessly collaborate.

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Doctolib uses Happeo for company alignment and exponential growth

Doctolib is one of the fastest-growing health-tech companies in Europe. Their app helps over 135.000 practitioners connect with a patient community of over 35 million people. But no growth comes without challenge. Happeo now supports Doctolib's digital culture, offering a central source for truth, social interaction and knowledge management, all in one place.




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